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Weighing the Positive and Negative Aspect of Open and Closed Shower

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How much do you really know about shower? Most people would think that they know much about shower by saying it is just the shower head installed on the bathtub enclosure. If you were one of those saying that, then you need more information about shower because in fact you know just a little bit about shower. For your information, there are more about shower than just the thing called shower head. Shower today;  it could be installed separately from the bathtub. For some purposes, like optimizing the space, versatility, and aesthetical upgrade, people install the shower at different spot, away from the bathtub. If you had a plan to change the decoration of your bathing spot, then you should read on this article. We have gathered information about the pros and cons of open and closed showers for you.

Shower Open View

The first obvious thing we can see about the pros and cons of open and closed showers is the visual aspect. For those who prefer extra privacy while bathing, the enclosed can give that to you. The wall option is ranging from the fully transparent, semi-transparent, or etched glass. All those three types of glass will protect our privacy during our bath time. However, there is something lacking about the glass wall of enclosed shower. We have to clean it sometime to keep it clear. The mixture of water and soap or shampoo that is splashed on the glass can spoil the glass, and then build crust. When this happens, the glass will lose its aesthetic additional value if we did not do the prevention. In the meantime, open shower offers better view to homeowner. We can feel the experience of bathing in huge bathroom. Other than that, this type of bathroom can bring the experience of bathing in expensive hotel and luxurious spa. Unfortunately, the luxurious temptation offered by open shower does not make it the most preferable shower because we will lose the privacy. We would feel unprotected while bathing in open shower.

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The second thing that separates open shower from closed shower is the functionality. Closed shower for once again offers better secure feeling than the opposite side. Closed shower allows for several users to share the bathroom. Other than that, shower with barrier will provide you with extra space to store toiletries. In the meantime, the open shower does not offer high level of security. The users will be easily exposed when using this kind of shower, and thus it can be frequently found at public facility like swimming pools or at the beach. Open shower can be easily found at homes that the users need “zero entry”, elderly and disables for instances.

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Which one do you prefer? You are the only person can answer this question because it is totally user’s preference. Every type of shower has pros and cons. They both offer different experience, and no one here can really make judgment over which one is better between the closed shower and open shower.

Shower Closed White Ideas


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