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Wedding Bathroom Basket List

Wedding Reception Bathroom Baskets

Wedding Reception Bathroom Baskets – Bathroom baskets can be a really considerate touch for your guests at the reception. Treat your guests to a basket full of “little helpers” to keep your guests feeling fresh and put together.  You can fill your basket with anything from mouthwash to hairspray…and don’t forget about the boys!
If you’re not familiar with the wedding world, you might be asking yourself what wedding reception bathroom baskets are.  Basically, they are baskets of little toiletries you put in the bathroom of your reception venue as a courtesy to your guests.  In the beginning, I thought a wedding emergency kit is not necessary.  I mean what could possibly happen on my wedding day?  It would be perfect.  But of course nothing is perfect.

Wedding Reception Baskets for Bathroom
Wedding Reception Baskets for Bathroom

To make an attractive basket, pick up some wicker baskets at WalMart or Target. If they don’t already have a lining, find some pretty fabric to place inside. Next, fill the basket starting with the taller items at the back, so that your guests can see everything that’s in there.
I probably won’t be including every single thing. This is compiled from like 10 lists that I saw online. But its good to have a comprehensive list, some might like certain items more than others. If you got a lot of singles coming to your wedding, condoms might be a good idea HA HA.
Wedding Reception Bathroom Basket Ideas
Wedding Reception Bathroom Basket Ideas

Wedding Reception Bathroom Baskets List

So, what should you put in the bathroom reception? For my own wedding, I made baskets for the men and the ladies and I am happy to say. Here’s a list of practical things your guests might need to address an unexpected snag or ailment on your big day.
These items can go in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms
Beauty and Grooming:

  •     Comb and brush
  •     Lip balm
  •     Lotion
  •     Hair spray / gel
  •     Deodorant (get an aerosol deodorant so guests don’t have to share a roll-on!)
  •     Body spray (tip see if you can score perfume/cologne samples from department stores)
  •     Nail clippers
  •     Tweezers
  •     Scissors


  •   First Aid Kit

Emergency Situations:

  •     Safety pins
  •     Stain remover (tip mini stain remover pens can be bought online!)
  •     Tissues
  •     Sewing kit


  •     Chewing gum or mints
  •     Mouthwash and mini cups
  •     Dental floss
  •     Toothpicks
  •     Lint brush
  •     Cotton buds (also good for fixing makeup!)
  •     Flip flops (for sore and tired feet!)

Additions for the Women’s Bathroom Kit:

  •     Clear nail varnish (for runs in tights!)
  •     Hair pins and hair ties
  •     Blotting paper (for shiny faces)
  •     Earring backs
  •     Nude / black tights
  •     Nail glue
  •     Makeup remover wipes
  •     Sanitary towels
  •     Tampons

Additions for the Men’s Bathroom Kit:

  •     Shoe polish
  •     Black / white socks

Wedding Bathroom Basket Sign
Wedding Bathroom Basket Sign

Position your wedding reception bathroom baskets as close to the sink as possible. You don’t want guests to have to hunt for this because, well, they won’t know to. Not all weddings provide something like this in the bathroom, so not all guests will be looking for it. I definitely do think this is a fantastic idea and could definitely be a big help to your guests.
After the wedding is over, combine the baskets and place one in your guest bathroom at home. If you don’t have the space to leave it sitting out all of the time, just put it in a closet and bring it out when you have company. Just make sure to refresh the basket periodically to replace used items or expired medications. Find another tips for Wedding Reception Bathroom Baskets here.
images: jennygslifeadventures.blogspot.com, weddingbee.com, pinterest.com


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