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Troja Arc Lamp

Troja Arc Lamp – There are various differing ways that homeowners can choose to light their homes. Different lamps, lights and lighting units are made to suit any type of design, but there are some that stand out from the rest. Whether these lamps are unique because of how they’re made, because of their design or because of the things they do they are much more innovative than anything else that you will see on the market. If you are looking for unique lighting, Troja Arc Lamp is the best one.

Troja Arc Lamp lighting Ideas
Troja Arc Lamp lighting Ideas

German designers Konstantin Landuris and Horst Wittmann make up the creative minds of “hansandfranz” who released their “Troja” arc floor lamp at the Salone Satellite Milano Furniture Fair 2007 where they received the Design Report Award special mention. Landuris and Wittmann work on solutions for objects and spaces where small foot prints and logical size requirements are necessary.
The Troja Arc Lamp is a really big lamp, this lamp uses hundreds of individual LEDs in an adjustable aluminum frame to create a soft glow, than can provide a high quality light for a very large space. The design is simple and modern, but if you want this lamp you’ll need some space, because she is quite big as you can see.
Troja Arc Lamp by Hans and Franz
Troja Arc Lamp by Hans and Franz

If you need a lamp that is going to provide a lot of light in a large space, the Troja Arc Lamp is for you. It was made to provide an arc of light and will work with nearly any size space. The conveniently placed LEDs that are placed throughout the arc of the lamp will be able to light up anything around, underneath and behind it. It is adjustable to fit into whatever arc size you need, but it is a very large lamp.
The Troja Arc Lamp is so gorgeous it’s practically edible. There is no information yet as to whether the Troja Arc will be available any time soon (or at all), the only thing that’s known is that it’s a must-have if you’re a brooding, warehouse-living artist with obscene amounts of space and a flare for the dramatic.
Troja Arc Floor Lamp
Troja Arc Floor Lamp

When you are selecting an arc lamp make sure you choose one that also will complement the rest of the room’s decor. Plus you must make sure that if the time comes that you need to move it, you can so without too many problems.
Troja arc lamps make the look of the room so exciting and beautiful giving the user an extra pressure compared to the other lamps. The solution to an extra comfort, warm and much brighter light for your rooms is the Troja arc lamp.
images: interiordesignconvention.com, touchey.com, project05.com


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