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Open Home Floor Plan Loft

Things to Consider about Open Home Floor Plan

Open Home Floor Plan Loft

How the home would appear starts from the floor plan. Without a doubt, floor plan plays a very important role in home construction. As the blueprint for the house, it leads the constructors to build the home. Home floor plan has also been through a lot of development. The trend of home floor plan keeps changing each several years too. There is this compartmentalized room’s floor plan era around 50’s-60’s. We can see this kind of floor plan when we visit home built at the era. Right after we enter the home, we are going to find the hallway with rooms flanking it, while the kitchen is at the back.  Now, the trend has changed for once again. The currently trending floor plan combines the welcoming hallway of the compartmentalized room floor plan with the openness of floor plan that became trend in 1980’s. Open floor plan brings the concept of sharing with others, with more than one large room inside the home. Usually the large rooms in the open floor plan are combination between public areas, kitchen, dining room, and living room. What would the open floor plan offer to the homeowner? Is there anything lacking about this floor plan? Read the advantage and disadvantage of this floor plan.

Open Home Floor Plan Kitchen

One obvious advantage of open floor plan is that we can easily figure out how tidy our family is. With not much of barrier standing between the room, we can see very clear if there is a mess in our home we need to clean up. Unfortunately, this will make us cleaning the mess made by one of the family members all the time. Open floor plan is also perfect for family with children. It allows the parents to monitor the activity of their children easily while preparing the dinner. However, parents would find it hard when they want to make their children sleeping. The Noise is inevitable in open floor plan. The sound of people walking on the living room, or the sound from your sound system can wake your children at anytime.

Open Home Floor Plan Black

Open floor plan is a great solution to those who love to host a party. Without a doubt, the open areas give enough space to hang out and spend time with friends and family. We can show many things we have through open floor plan. This includes our cooking skill, art works, or any collection we can display. There will be fewer barriers that stand in the way that may disrupt our conversation with the guests or other family members. This makes hanging out more enjoyable. Another positive aspect of having open floor plan is that we can save more on electricity. The natural light that is coming from the window can reach the open areas easily due to limited barrier standing between the rooms. Open floor plan makes your home looks more spacious.

Open Home Floor Plan Fireplace

Open floor plan offers different feel and experience to the homeowner. It gives alternative option to those who need idea to renovate their home.


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