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The Flagship Project – The House with Californian Style to Honor The Beauty of Californian Beaches

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What would come cross into your mind when heard about California? Perhaps, most of us would agree that beach would come first. Californian beaches are famous for their beauty. They provide tourists with place to enjoy their vacation. Peggy Dupuis realizes the beauty of these beaches, and decides to make something to honor them. The Flagship Project is the house made to honor the beauty of Californian beaches. The transparency featured through customized bay windows allows the resident to enjoy the scenery of the ocean. This home offers contrast look, the interior is curved and rounded, while the outside a bit more geometric.

Architecture Modern House

The Flagship Project is a house built with chosen materials that allow the lights to come through the house and shines, lighten up almost every corner of the house. We can even enjoy the scenery outside of the house that includes the saltwater swimming pool. Another attraction of the house we can enjoy is the red painted wall with a sandstorm effect that we can see from the entryway. The house is not only so beautiful, but it is sturdy too. The designer decided to plan metal foundation and use concrete for this project so that it can cope well with land movement or earthquake.

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