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Average Cost of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost. Bathroom is important place in our home. That is why we must have a clean bathroom that has enough light. Maybe you are thinking to renovate your bathroom now because the bathroom is no longer interesting and you need to make it look hygiene and bigger. As we know, the cost to renovate bathroom is quite expensive even it is only a small bathroom. Before you renovate it, it is better to consult it with your partner and family. You are not only talking about the cost that will be spent but also the design that you want to made for your bathroom.

Average Cost of Remodeling a Small Bathroom
Average Cost of Remodeling a Small Bathroom

If you have small bathroom, does not mean that you cannot renovate it. Small bathroom also can be renovated to make it look clean, bigger and pretty. There are many ways that you can do to make it happened. And if you have minimum budget but you want to have nice small bathroom, you can do it step by step or doing it yourself without help any service. You can check the newest design as references for your small bathroom. There you can decide which tile, cabinet, sinks and many more stuffs in bathroom that you can choose.
If you cannot do it alone, you can come to the expert to help you remodel your small bathroom become great. Here are some ideas of small bathroom remodel cost that probably can help you to consider it. The following prices are based on a very small, full bathroom with a bathtub, sink, and toilet:
Average Cost Small Bathroom Remodel
Average Cost Small Bathroom Remodel

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost Average :

New Toilet: $175
New Sink: $100
New Tub: $450
New Floor Tile: $800
New Countertop Tile and Mortar: $200
New Cabinets: $350
New Vanity Cabinet: $200
Plumbing Materials and Labor: $3000
Miscellaneous Building Materials and Supplies: $500
Non-Plumbing Labor: Around $9000
Those prices excluded the cost for services if you need some professional to do it for you.

Price of Small Bathroom Remodel
Price of Small Bathroom Remodel

If you think you need to renovate your bathroom, then you should do it now. The way to get nice stuffs for the bathroom is also easy nowadays because you are helped by technology if you do not have time to visit the store directly. You can buy some of those stuffs through internet. There are many online shops for bathroom stuffs in the internet and you also can get much information about small bathroom remodel cost too.
Cost to Renovate Small Bathroom and Shower
Cost to Renovate Small Bathroom and Shower

Before you remodel your small bathroom, here are some tips that can help you to get better result like what you want. They are: limit cost to no more than 4.5{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} of home’s total, select a taste neutral design, select components, appliances, finishes and fixtures of comparable quality, Avoid costly surprises, Use bright lighting to make a small room appear larger, Use furniture, fixtures and accessories scaled appropriately to the room size, Mount hardware and accessories on back of door to make best use of space in a small room and many more. Now, you can remodel your small bathroom become a clean and hygiene place that you are dreaming of. Make your small bathroom become a clean and comfort place.
Images: bathroom-design.org, decosee.com, latesthomedesign.com, homesbyburma.com.


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