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Kitchen Ideas with Painted Cabinets

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Many home owners are using kitchen cabinet as the focal point in their kitchen. Kitchen cabinet is not only decorative but also functional. Home owners are able to store their kitchen items in this cabinet. It also adds beautiful touch to your kitchen. With frequent usages, your kitchen cabinet can look dull. It will make the overall atmosphere in your kitchen also looks dull. To add new and fresh color to your kitchen cabinet, you might want to paint your kitchen cabinet. Here are some painted kitchen cabinet ideas which you can follow.

Two Tone Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Two Tone Painted Kitchen Cabinets

There are various methods which you can apply to paint kitchen cabinet. Home owners are able to combine paint techniques and finishes. The application for the painting can be done by using roller, brush, or sprayer. In finding the best painted kitchen cabinet ideas, you should consider applying glazing stain. Adding glazing stain allows your kitchen cabinet to have antique look. Glaze is the combination of painting and translucent medium. The final result of the method is stained look in the crevices of the cabinets and on corners. To apply glazing stain, you can brush it on before wiping it off with a rag.
Painting Kitchen Cabinets White
Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Option of Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Another option of painted kitchen cabinet ideas is crackled paint. This method is common method to paint the kitchen cabinet. You need to apply the base coat first before adding glue medium. When this glue material becomes tacky, you can add second layer. The paint will crack in the direction the top coat is applied. If you are using the brush, you will get long crack which is like alligator. Some home owners are using sponge to apply the paint crackled painting. By using the sponge, the cracks will be more even in size and more symmetrical. You need to coat crackle paint with clear polyurethane.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Rustic
Crackled Paint Cabinet

When you are looking for painted kitchen cabinet ideas, you should consider applying multitone colors. There are many kitchen cabinets which are painted with more than one color. If your kitchen has an island, you should paint the base of the island with different coordinating color. You can paint the trim work of the cabinet doors with one color while painting the inset portion with different color. For the knobs and drawer pulls, you should decorate in various shades to get contrast look.
Modern Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet
Modern Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Modern metallic can be good option for painted kitchen cabinet ideas. The metallic paints allow you to get contemporary industrial feeling. There are many options of metallic painting which you can choose for your kitchen cabinet. These are including silver and gold. You should know first that modern metallic painting is translucent and you need some coats. You are recommended to apply black back coat.
As another option, you might also want to get embellished design. You can add stencil design or pattern to the inset of cabinet doors. You are able to custom made the design for measurement of each area. Some popular designs are scroll or brocade designs. Another common design is hand-painted vignette or scene. Some popular scenes are including farm life, landscape, and nature. It is recommended for you to choose painted kitchen cabinet ideas which match well with your kitchen.
Colorful Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Kitchen Embellished Cabinets Design

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