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Warm Neutral Paint Colors for Living Room

Neutral Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Neutral Color Schemes for Living Rooms. The latest style applied by many designers put simplicity and minimalism as its core. Another important part of the modern style is the neutral color schemes, especially for living rooms and other public room in the house. To add a little bit of excitement, usually the designers will blend some bold accent colors to accompany the neutral color palette used.
Using neutral color palette in your living room will make other parts of the room shine. For example, you can combine a beige color palette with a dark brown leather couch you have. Aside of couch and other furnishings, having neutral color schemes even make the accessories to draw the guest’s eyes.

Neutral Colour Schemes for Living Rooms
Neutral Colour Schemes for Living Rooms – C2, BELLA DONNA C2-316W

To get the best result, put some bright and bold colors as the accent. Some great accent colors that work amazing with neutral colors are lime green, fire engine red, or tangerine orange. We also recommend you to have a lot of sunshine coming in from the windows. Therefore, choosing sheer curtains may be a good decision because they are translucent and allow a lot of light comes in. When it comes to electric lighting, choose the ones that has a blue-white glow instead of yellow-white glow.
When it comes to furniture, neutral color schemes works great with dark glossy furniture such as black lacquered wood cabinetry or deep dark sofa. If there’s enough room, then purchasing a glass coffee table might be a good idea. To make the living room looking modern, choose furniture that has angular shapes. Choose rugs that have bold colors so that it acts as an accent to the room.
Our last recommendation is to add some artwork for your wall. If your wall is relatively low on space, you can utilize wall sticker with your preferred pattern or prints.
Colour Scheme for Living Room Ideas
Colour Scheme for Living Room Ideas – BENJAMIN MOORE GLASS SLIPPER 1632

Neutral Color Schemes For Living Rooms Ideas

Some of our recommendations for your neutral color schemes for living rooms are:

  1. C2, BELLA DONNA C2-316W. This one has a smoky lavender gray, great for brown-colored flooring. It makes your room look sophisticated and adult-like.
  2. BENJAMIN MOORE GLASS SLIPPER 1632. If you like to have a blue-ish feeling to your room, you can choose this one. It represents the color of the sky after the storm.
  3. BENJAMIN MOORE LINEN WHITE. This one is a great choice for people who are not sure which color scheme for your living room wall. The white is not stark white, which is a great for almost anything.
  4. BENJAMIN MOORE MESQUITE 501. The color is greenish, but it’s very natural and beautiful.
  5. BENJAMIN MOORE GRANT BEIGE HC-83. The paint has a khaki color and looks very cozy and modern. This one suits best with green, blue, or red accent colors.
  6. BENJAMIN MOORE HORIZON 1478. This paint has a pale gray color that will make your room looks amazingly sophisticated. It is also versatile, meaning that it can be paired with many kinds of furniture.
  7. BENJAMIN MOORE PAPAYA 957. Do you love ice cream? Imagine the soft color of vanilla ice cream with a hint of caramel; that is the color of this paint. Your room will be simply pretty and light.

Neutral Paint Colors for Living Room
Neutral Paint Colors for Living Room – BENJAMIN MOORE PAPAYA 957

These colors are amazingly simple, neutral, and chic. They can be paired with almost anything and will give you that modern look you’re looking for. I hope this post can give you ideas about neutral color schemes for living rooms.
Images: pinterest.com, housebeautiful.com, benjaminmoore.com, interiorish.com.


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