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NativeStone Concrete Sink – Designed to Energize the Kitchen and Bath Industry

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Nativestone Montecito Sink by Native Trails

Elegant concrete sinks created by Native Trails, it’s made innovative cement and jute fiber blend called NativeStone, are ready to spur the concrete style in home design and stimulate the bath and kitchen industry. By adding jute – a natural, renewable vegetable fiber – to the proprietary concrete mixture, Native Trails has remake concrete as we know it. This new concrete sinks are 40{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} lighter, much powerful, and more sustainable than regular cement sinks since they make use of natural materials, generate less waste, and need less energy than standard concrete production. Less heft additionally makes them effortless to install and cheap to ship than traditional concrete.

Nativestone Morro Sink by Native Trails

In expanding NativeStone, Native Trails President Tim Blair and Naomi Howard visited artisans in Vietnam, where they spent weeks hiking to remote small town, exploring both ancient and modern cities , examine factories and workshops, and coming to admire the country’s strong handicraft tradition and deep-rooted craftsman culture.

We were looking for a material that could translate to both a kitchen and a bath sink,” says Native Trails President Tim Blair. “It needed to be artisan-made, with our Eco-Social PositiveTM philosophy and story behind it. It also had to be sustainably crafted to fit with our core beliefs and be viable for business—not an easy thing in reality. Once we saw one of the NativeStone prototypes and felt the smooth, cool texture, we fell in love with it. That’s how it goes: if we love the product, it’s a pretty good bet that designers and homeowners will as well.” The result is a product line inspired as much by nature as it is by modern life and by concrete’s naturally industrial appeal.

Nativestone Trough 4819 Sink by Native Trails

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