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Lifetime’s Beds Perfect For Children

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An alternative option of bed with ice cream design, Circus Children’s Bed can bring the joyful atmosphere to your children’s room. The additional features of it are including hanging storage box and shelf.

Illustrated Circus Bed

The next bed from Lifetime, here is the Knight and Castle boys L shaped bunk bed. This is another bed that represents of childhood that is full of fantasy. Castle ornaments enclosed to the design to create the atmosphere of living in a castle as a knight. This bed consists of two bunks and a ladder. There is also single bunk option of Knight and Castle themed bed. This model only offers one bunk that has been completed with safety rail bars. Below the bed, there is an area for other purposes covered with knight and castle curtain.

Knight Corner Bunkbed Kids

The Butterfly Cabin Bed brings the beauty of butterfly to your children’s room. The set up consists of butterfly-themed canopy, curtain, storages (shelf, drawer, and cupboards) under the bed that we can use to store our children’s stuffs.

Butterfly Luxury Girls 4 Poster Cabin Bed

The Pebble Beach single bunk, as the name implies, it brings along pebble beach curtains with it. We can use the curtains to cover the area under the bed. This bed also comes with ladder and safety rail bars.

Pebble Beach Bed

Lifetime knows well to make their customers feel like a special. The four-poster Moroccan style for girls with Morocco Chic canopy, big drawer under it is the proof how reliable this Danish company when it comes to make customers satisfied.

Morocco Luxury Girls 4poster

The Aeroplane children’s Bed highlights the airplane design that can make your children think that they are pilots. This bed can help us to convert our children’s room into their playing area. In addition, there is storage box and bookrack.

Illustrated Aeroplane Bed

The last in our article about Lifetime’s beds for child, there is the Hang-Out Bed for Boys. In addition to the top cabin, there is the bottom bunk and huge drawer under it that we can pull out and use it as guest bed. The cabin on the top is completed with window, and ladder to reach this area.

Hang Out Boys Bed

If you were interested to bring one of these beds, you have to be patient because they are handmade.

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