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Lifetime’s Beds Perfect For Children

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If you had girls in your home, then you should check the Silversparkle Cabin Bed. This model is so girlish. Complete with an open window, silversparkle curtain, shelf under the bed, drawers, and cupboards, this bed can be perfect place for your girls to rest with a compact storage enclosed.

Silver Sparkle Low Hut Bed

Children love ice cream, we know that, and Lifetime realizes that. Resembling the shape of ice cream bus, this bed offers book rack and hanging storage box as its additional features.

Illustrated Ice Cream Van Bed

The next from Lifetime that makes the list is this Children’s Cabin Bed. There is nothing unorthodox offered by this bed, but it comes with catchy looks and functionality. This is what makes it worth considering item. Bringing in this bed means, we will get additional storage for toys, books, and clothes too.

Kids Cabin Storage Bed

For the next bed from Lifetime, here is the Pirate Boys L shaped bunk bed. Lifetime knows how to satisfy children’s imagination. The pirate ornaments of this bed will allow our children to think that they are on the sail hunting for treasure, just like what has been frequently written on the story book.

Pirate Corner Bunkbed Lifetime Cuckooland

Another girlish bed from Lifetime, this one is called with Wonderland. It will help you to make your daughter sleeping like a princess. Completed with four-poster frame, a canopy and curtains, and big drawer under the bed, this bed can be perfect choice for your daughter’s room.

Wonderland Girls Bed

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