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Carving Baroque Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Refacing kitchen cabinet is known to be cost effective method to update the kitchen cabinet. By refacing kitchen cabinet, you will be able to get new and fresh look on your kitchen d├ęcor. This process helps you to add color, depth, dimension, texture, and visual interest to your kitchen. The process is not only affordable but it is possible for you to complete the process by your own. There are many methods which you can do to reface your kitchen cabinet. Here are some kitchen cabinet refacing ideas you can follow.
In finding the best kitchen cabinet refacing ideas, you can paint or stain the cabinet. By repainting or staining the kitchen cabinets, you will be able to add new touch to your kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen is small, it is recommended for you to choose light colors to help your kitchen to look more spacious. You might want to try faux painting techniques like rag painting, crinkle painting, or sponge painting. Different painting method will give different effect to your kitchen cabinet. There are many inspirations which you can find in the internet or magazines. Consider the overall kitchen look to find the best painting results.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas White
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas White

Option of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Another option of kitchen cabinet refacing ideas is stencil. By using stencil decorative artwork, your kitchen cabinets will have new and fresh look. You should consider stenciling the kitchen cabinet with certain theme. If your kitchen has modern or kitsch theme, you might want to install geometric shapes. These shapes will work well with modern kitchen. For chic or country kitchen, trees and flowers are good option.
Carving is also good option for your kitchen cabinet refacing ideas. If you are planning to reface your kitchen cabinet, you can always carve the design. You do not need to have too much skill to be able to carve the cabinet. If you are beginner in carving or you do not have too much skill, you can start with simple designs. For the people who have enough budgets, you might want to hire professional to get more intricate or delicate designs.

Carving Baroque Cabinet
Carving Baroque Cabinet

Open-framed doors will be good option as kitchen cabinet refacing ideas. First thing to do is removing the center panel of your kitchen cabinet. After that, you can leave them open. As another option, you can also add glass or clear acrylic. It helps you to give larger atmosphere in your kitchen. For people who have country kitchen, you should add chicken wire. After that, you should attach small curtains to the back of the cabinet frames. These small curtains will give color to your kitchen.
When you are refacing the kitchen cabinets, you can replace the hardware. If your kitchen has kitsch or shabby chic style, you might want to use mismatched hardware for whimsical effect. It is a good step for you to add buttons, decals, and other embellishments to door and drawer pulls. In finding the best fabric, you should go with fabric material which matches well with your window treatments. Other kitchen cabinet refacing ideas are including wood veneers, metal sheets and tiles, and much more. If you have limited budget, you are recommended to complete the task by your own.


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