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Japanese Countryside Prefab Home

Japanese Countryside Prefab Home – Style and Simplicity

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Japanese Countryside Prefab Home with Angular Home Ideas

Japanese Countryside Prefab Home – The simplicity of Japanese layout is one that appeals across borders and cultures. Nevertheless, it’s always amazing to see inspiration take root in homes where those aesthetics blossomed. This countryside home deemed “Tree Home” in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan is one of these examples. The renovated home, which was passed down from an earlier generation, uses Japanese design components to bring figurative and literal heat into the space. The resulting home is wide open, with indoor plants that could flourish in the stunning sun and unique classic components that give copious quantities of character to it.

Open Two Story House

White Staircase Design

Indoor Plant Ideas

Simple Wood Framed Sofa

Both story homes are created around a central open space that lets in light from windows that cover the whole front of the home. A tree at the center of the living room goes up towards the sun, giving the home a glowing, springtime feeling during all seasons.

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