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Interesting Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas

We have been searching for days for coastal cottage decorating ideas. After a tremendous amount of effort we have finally compile this tips and ideas you can use in your beach cottage. These tips we are giving you are also applicable to any in-town houses to achieve that drastic retreat from busy days at work.
I think the main room that needs to be redecorating is the bedroom. Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. This is the place where you can rest, so it should have the best decoration, don’t you think? Therefore, without further delay, here are some of the tips you can use in your cottage-style bedroom:

Decorating Beach Cottage Style
Decorating Beach Cottage Style

  1. Stay with calming color palette. You can go with something like blue pastel color or a very light blue color. Alternatively, going with white paint is also an option. What you need to remember is to stick to one color palette for the walls.
  2. Add a pop of color to add some personality and enlighten your room. You can use a hint of orange color printing on your sheet, etc. Just be creative.
  3. You should also add a pattern to make the room livelier. Some of the popular patterns are the classic and retro stripes and the chic polka dots. Don’t overuse them, though.
  4. For your bed, be generous and add quilts, sheets, etc. Make the bed look full and beautiful. However, you should be careful because too much can make it look messy, while too little makes it look stiff.
  5. Add more texture or nautical-themed decoration. For example, you can add a simple carpet with palm tree pattern or nautical pattern. This makes the room feels more beachy.
  6. Another great example for a nautical theme decoration is a transparent glass jar filled with sands, starfish and shells.

Most of the tips we mentioned above are also applicable for other rooms. Just get the main idea and apply it to your kitchen or living room. There are more of these coastal cottage decorating ideas, so stay with us and be inspired!

Beach Cottage Style Decorating Ideas
Beach Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

First, we would like to emphasize that in our opinion, the best color to represent the beach feeling is turquoise. Although other color can be used too, we are mesmerized of the beauty of turquoise color. That glass jar we mentioned earlier can be filled with a round shape turquoise candle. We also think that turqoise stripes are a beautiful idea. You can apply these stripes in a deck chair in your living room or porch. Another great idea we got was the use of turquoise sliding barn doors. Installing a barn door is a great way to add coastal cottage feeling.
If your coastal cottage has stair landing, this place is a great place to use as your very own museum. You can collect things from your regional beach area and put them here. For example, lobster trap, glass floats, or even hurricane lights.
Coastal Interior Decorating Ideas
Coastal Interior Decorating Ideas

Having nautical accessories will also improve the overall look of your coastal cottage.  Just be moderate about everything we’ve told you and you will get your own coastal cottage decorating ideas.
Images: stayz.com.au, thetailoredpillow.com, bedroomfurniturediscounts.com, nauticalcottageblog.com.


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