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How to Repurpose Your Furniture

How to Repurpose Your Furniture

How to Repurpose Your Furniture – Repurposing is a fantastic approach to preserve! Reduce waste. Save money. Use environmentally friendly materials to further your efforts that are repurposing.
Work with a piece that you already own or purchase a piece that is second hand from Habitat Restore, Goodwill, second-hand store or consignment shop. It’s possible for you to save money and possibly support a worthy cause.

How to Repurpose Your Furniture
Repurposed Furniture – Roadie Repurposed Wood Furniture Karpenter Gessato

It is vital to begin with a well-designed piece of furniture or one which has great design potential. Is it in good shape? Be sure that there are not any signs of decay or rot by assessing for wood fibers that are disintegrating. Can the piece be easily tightened and fixed?
Does the piece need physical improving? Is it essential to add crown molding an applique, legs, feet, or columns? All of these things are accessible online and in local lumber store. Reclaimed items may also be found on the internet.
When upgrading hardware, measure center-to-centre of holes for changing handles. Hinges generally flake when painted from the continuous open-close movement. Concealed hinges may be used, if the doors are at least 3/4 inch thick. This permits enough depth for routing on the inside. In case the piece is older in style, a butterfly style hinge appears well.
How to Repurpose Your Furniture
Original Donna Repurposed Dining Table

If the item needs reupholstering, make sure that it meets your budget. Consider the price of labor and fabric. Eco-friendly materials and filler are available online and in some local cloth stores.
Be conservative when selecting your color and finish. Things should be reflected by the colour in adjoining rooms and your design space. The finish should additionally connect with elements in your design space. Remember while a subtle color will blend it in, that comparison makes the piece of furniture stand out. Determine attentively what your space needs visually.
When preparing your piece of furniture, sand with all the grain using 220 grit sandpaper to lightly score the surface. Wear eye protection, mask and gloves. Do not wear contact lenses when sanding. In the event the cabinet interiors are in good shape it is unnecessary to refinish them.
Casein (milk-based) paint is perfect for furniture. It sands superbly dries fast, matte finish, and has a natural. One may also make use of a good quality clay, soy or acrylic paint for a water clean-up. Latex paint is not recommended for furniture when sanded, as it rolls up. When using casein, the first coat needs to include bonding medium. For soy clay or acrylic, begin with a good quality primer.
How to Repurpose Your Furniture
Repurposed Furniture Manoteca Repurposed Objects Design Gessato

Permit for dry time between coats. Remember with 400 grit sandpaper to sand between each layer, sanding with the grain. In the crevices, sand the edges and corners bare and make use of a thin antiquing glaze specially for an antiqued look. Finish with beeswax to seal the finish and add a patina. It is not necessary to seal a casein paint finish. Love your wonderfully repurposed furniture!


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