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Nice Porta Potty Wedding

How to Choose Portable Restrooms for Weddings

Portable Restrooms for Weddings. One of the things that shouldn’t be forgotten when planning a wedding is the restroom. This factor becomes even more crucial if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding. Wedding is a sacred event, and everyone wants to have the perfect moment.
The well being of your guests is your responsibility, because happy guests will give you happy wedding too. Beside of making sure that the guests are well-fed and given sufficient drinks, giving proper restrooms is important.
There are a lot of variations when it comes to portable restroom. You can choose from the most modest one till the ones that are made especially for VIPs. There are the ones that comes with single, double or triple rooms, depending on your need. Which one should you use?

Portable Restrooms for Outdoor Weddings
Portable Restrooms for Outdoor Weddings

Tips to Choose Portable Restrooms for Weddings

The first tip on choosing the portable restroom is to understand and measure your wedding first. You need to know the expected number of guests that will be attending your wedding ceremony. This expected number will be used as your guide in choosing the portable restrooms for weddings.
The size of the wedding can be categorized in three, which include small wedding, medium wedding, and large wedding. Some sites said that a small wedding would be attended by 200 guests, but in reality there are many small weddings that are attended by less than 50 people. In our personal opinion, a small wedding are the ones that has less than 100 guests (including infants, etc).

Nice Porta Potty Wedding
Nice Porta Potty Wedding

A medium wedding would be the one that is attended with around 100 to 250 guests. We are considering any wedding that has more than 250 guests as large wedding, even though that wedding planner site we saw earlier said that a large wedding is the one with at least 400 guests. In short, small wedding has less than 100 guests, medium wedding has 100-250 guests, and large wedding has more than 250 guests.
For small weddings, we recommend you to use two-stall portable restrooms, one for each gender. For medium weddings, the minimum requirement is the two stalls, but it would be perfect if you can use three stalls. For large weddings, minimum four-stall portable restrooms may be required.
To learn about how much it cost to rental portable restrooms for weddings, you should ask for the provider directly. There are some who give you quotes without including additional expenses, so you better ask whether the price has include set up fee, tax, cleaning fees, toiletries, delivery fees, collection fees, and pumping fees.
Portable Bathrooms for Outdoor Weddings
Portable Bathrooms for Outdoor Weddings

Usually you have to prepare water and power supply for the portable restrooms, but you can also ask them to provide it with extra charge. You can even ask the company to prepare an attendant.
All in all, restrooms are a very crucial part of your guests satisfaction. The most important thing in these portable restrooms for weddings are the cleanliness. Make sure that the company that provides the rental is reputable for its commitment to provide clean sanitary to their customers. If necessary, you can visit them and check the portable restrooms yourselves.
Images: ashleysbrideguide.com, kingstonweddingplanner.com, nscrestrooms.com.


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