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Guidelines of Installation of Laminate Flooring on Stairs

A lot of advantages offered by laminating floor has led this type of flooring to be the one of the most popular flooring options in the market. Great durability, various color and pattern options, and low maintenance are just some from many advantages offered by laminating floor. What makes laminating floor so desirable among many homeowners is that laminating floor is a perfect choice to start practicing DIY. Compared to the other flooring options, the laminating flooring is relatively easy to install. In case you are now in need the guidelines about how to install laminate flooring on stairs, there are steps we have shared below about the laminate flooring installation.

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Instructions on How to Install Laminate Flooring on StairsĀ 

The Preparation before the Installation

  1. Choose the suitable flooring. If you have toddlers at your home, it is wise if you choose the textured product so that we can diminish the slippage risk.
  2. Flooring Acclimation. Open the package and put the flooring at the open space to let it adjusting with the temperature, as well as the humidity of the home. Acclimation will help you to prevent the flooring to warp during the installation.
  3. Removing Carpet. Remove the carpet as well as anything used to stick the carpet with stairs as part of the preparation of the area where we are going to install the flooring.
  4. Remove the Overhang.
  5. It includes cutting the piece, riser pieces and nose the piece according to the length.

Installation process

  1. The installation process starts from the top. We may start in opposite way, but chances are we are going to step on the freshly installed flooring when working on the next stair, and then ruin our project. It is easier for us to work downward.
  2. Tread Pieces Installation. Apply the wood glue to the subfloor to install the tread piece. Make sure not to apply the glue on the edge, the area where we are going to cover with the nosing. Firmly put the already assembled tread onto the tread with the edge of the plank facing outward.
  3. Putting the Riser. Apply glue to the riser and press it.
  4. Install the Stair Nose. When we have finished the installation of the tread and riser, the next step is installing the stair nosing. Apply glue on the subfloor, put it on the place and then press it.
  5. Complete the Stairs. Install the flooring.

How to Install Laminate Flooring on Stairs

Finishing the Installation
The last steps of laminate flooring installation on stairs are including searching the defects and covering them. If you saw holes or any slight defects on the project, you can cover them by filling in putty. After you have covered holes or any slight defects with putty, the next things you need to do is cleaning the stairs and then leave it overnight. That is all about how to install laminate flooring on stairs. I wish the instruction steps shared above could help you to cover the tasks.


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