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Funky Furniture SF Reviews

Funky Furniture SF

Funky Furniture SF has been making custom, eco-friendly, mid-century modern inspired sofas for seven years in San Francisco, California. They had a great selection and the owner Reg went out of his way to make sure the customer  happy with everything they bought. When you want to make sure that you use the right furniture you must make sure that you get your furniture from trust-able company that create safe furniture. One company that creates furniture that is safe for your environment is Funky Furniture SF.

Funky Furniture in SF
Funky Furniture in SF

Funky Furniture SF give tasteful furnishings and more functional than funky can be found at this trusted local standby. Their product such as contemporary sofas, sectionals and loveseats built for small apartments most crafted by Bay Area furniture makers–fill this smallish space along with an eclectic assortment of tables, armories, and Asian-inspired or imported pieces from China, India and Indonesia. Large windows and a concrete floor create a pretense-free showroom for the small collection, most of which belongs in the urban living room, though some dining room pieces sideboards, chairs and cabinets are available.

Funky Furniture SF Ca
Funky Furniture SF Ca – Pillow

You could also choose your own shape and style that you want from the custom furniture that you get from Funky Furniture SF. Some of the style that they offer such as Butterfly, Divya, Genevieve, Mercury, Neptune, Arlin, and Lotus style with its own beauty. When you visit Funky Furniture SF showroom which located on 1100 Folsom Street @7th, you will find it stocked with company signature line of customizable sofas as well as an assortment of personally selected modern furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, Hand made pillows, re-claimed wooden case pieces and locally made occasional tables.

Funky Furniture SF Sofa
Funky Furniture SF Sofa

Funky Furniture SF also have plenty of great office chairs, desks, shelves, dining tables and other pieces that you wont see in your friends house (Pottery Barn), wont have to put together and then dispose of in a year (Ikea) and wont have to wait forever to get. Most buyer said if Funky Furniture SF was innovative and unique pieces with great style with great prices. So, if you want to fill your house with best quality and unique furniture, Funky Furniture SF is the first choice.


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