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Faux Finish Ideas – Perfect to Improve Your Home Decoration

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Faux Finishes Painting Brushed Metal Finish

The history of faux painting begins years ago, when our ancestors lived in cave. They use this art as part of their telecommunication system with others, not only for decoration. Some theories also tell that pictures found on the cave are part of their ceremonies. In modern era, faux painting reemerges again as alternative option in home decoration. This finishing method gives a different atmosphere into the room that subsequently improves the value of the home. Changing the plain color of the wall to more dynamic patterned color using faux painting will drastically change the feel of the room. We can find that our home is getting more appealing aesthetically after receiving the treatment. In case you are interested to change the way your room appearing with faux finish, there are 10 ideas of faux finish shared below.
The first idea of faux finish is bringing in our most favorite fabrics and materials to the room. Determine the type of fabric or material first before we do the wall. Choose one that you feel the right representative to your style. It can be one with appearance as rough as burlap or as smooth as suede. Using the method, apply the paint on small area first to envision the result before we do the entire room.

Faux Finishes Painting Accent Walls

The Next idea is casual. This type of finish will make your home less formal as if the appearance of denim jeans. What should we do to get this denim jean finish? The technique involves the usage of small brush when applying the pain. Drag the brush vertically and horizontally to make the small crisscross pattern of the denim jeans hallmark.
Improve the looks of the room by applying the faux finish on the 5th wall is the next on our list. What is the 5th wall? Many designers used term 5th wall to call the ceiling. If it was the first time to hear 5th wall, you are not the only one here. Applying faux finish on ceiling can really change the appearance your room. Choose color, pattern, or texture to remove the boring plain ceiling.

Faux Finishes Painting Metal Finish

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