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Contemporary Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Discounted and Cheap Swivel Chairs Living Room

Having a problem finding good but cheap swivel chairs for living room? Don’t worry, because today we are giving you our personal recommendation of these accent chairs. All of these items we have chosen come from the reliable online retailers in the world, the Amazon.com. We personally handpicked these items, so hopefully they can suit your taste.
We also limited the price of our recommended swivel chairs for living room. Most of them are under $100 (after the huge discount from Amazon). All of these products come with a minimum of 4 star rating from its users.
Swivel chairs can be used in many situations and conditions. Some guys I know are using them as an accent to their living room decor, while others are using the swivel chairs as their kitchen stool. If you have a bar, using this kind of chairs is also a great option, especially the ones which heights can be adjusted.

Cheap Swivel Chairs Living Room Recommendation List:

  • Swivel Elegant PU Leather Set.

The original price of these chairs is $185.95, but you can purchase TWO of them for just $90.30. This is a great bargain, especially because it means that one chair is priced at around $45. The chairs have PU leather material, with contemporary design and stainless steel frame. The frame is very sturdy and is capable of supporting people with more than 235lbs weight. A lot of people are recommending this, because it is a great product with great value for the money. For the record, usually the standard minimum price of a swivel chair is  at $150 for ONE chair.

Modern Swivel Living Room Chairs
Modern Swivel Living Room Chairs – Swivel Elegant PU Leather Set

  • Adjustable Swivel Chair in Black or White

Another amazing swivel chair that comes with less than $100 price is this product. The real price is around $160, but Amazon’s 42{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} discount will cut that price to $92.33. This is a nice alternative for the standard and boring office chairs. Moreover, this one is very suitable for a modern living room that focuses on simplicity and sophistication. Most users compliment the comfort of this chair, stating that their family loves it. The chair comes with easy assemble, it only takes a couple of minutes and you are set. Of course, the height is adjustable and it swivel just fine.

Round Swivel Chair Living Room
Round Swivel Chair Living Room – Adjustable Swivel Chair in Black or White

  • Coaster Round-Back Swivel Chair

This is the only swivel chair in our recommendation list which price is more than $100. It is hard to ignore this swivel chair because of its amazing and modern design. Moreover, the chair is very comfortable, and you can lean your back while using it. Perhaps the most striking feature of this item is its color. It has a striking white color and not a white egg shell color, so you might want to consider that too. The swivel chair is beautifully made and it is sturdy and neat. It’s a perfect accent for your living room. Amazon is selling this item for $129 and offer free shipping.

Small Swivel Chairs for Living Room
Small Swivel Chairs for Living Room – Coaster Round-Back Swivel Chair

There you go; our list of recommendation for cheap swivel chairs living room. I hope you enjoy this post and find what you’re looking for.
Images: reviews.omnizine.net, amazon.com, homedosh.com.


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