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Damask Wall Stencil Designs

Damask Wall Stencil Designs. We were always a fan of wall stencil. Our home was filled with wallpapers, and we felt that it was the time to have a major decoration change, especially in our living room. However, simply replacing the wallpaper doesn’t seem right, so we finally get the idea to use a refreshing color palette as the wall paint and damask wall stencil designs as the wall’s accent.
There are several reasons we choose damask designs. First, our living room has a French theme, which is –in our opinion –closely have a damask vibe. Both are sophisticated and elegant, damask wall stencils are also affordable and easy to make. It’s fast and easy, which is why we love it.

[youtube id=”ALZxokw2VXs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

However, we didn’t really have the time to create our own custom wall stencil. Therefore, we opted for online solution. Thanks to Amazon, we finally get our damask style. Today we are going to share the ones that caught our attention, so that you can try them too! Just imagine how your living room would be with these kind of wall stencil designs! Anyway, we are going to include the size measurement for each stencil, so that you can calculate whether they fit your needs or not.

Some Ideas of Damask Wall Stencil Designs

  • Damask Stencil Anna

The overall price for this item is around $59 with shipping included. As with the design, it offer a sophisticated style and it is perfect for the accent in our new paint. The real design size is at 22 inches wide and 22 inches height. This was our first choice. The quality is great, because the stencils are good, tough and durable.

Anna Damask Stencil
Anna Damask Stencil

  • Damask Stencil Gabrielle – Reusable Stencils for Walls and Fabrics

Again, this one has the same price with our previous pick. We love the design and we thought that this is a great wall stencil for the entire room. You can replace the whole wallpaper with these stencils. However, because we are looking for an accent accessories in the wall, this is still below our first choice. According to the users who have given it 4-5 stars, the stencil is very easy to use. Therefore I included this damask wall stencil designs in our short list.

Damask Stencil Gabrielle
Damask Stencil Gabrielle

  • Large Wall Damask Faux Mural Design

The size of the design is 11 inches x 11 inches. To sum our opinion: we love the design, but it’s too small as our living room accent decoration. One thing that we notice is that the stencil is not as thick as the other ones we recommended. But yeah, it is beautiful.

Large Wall Damask Faux Mural Design
Large Wall Damask Faux Mural Design

  • Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design 

Again, this one is too small for our living room. That said, what makes this one on our list is the fact that it has a modern damask wall stencil design! Damask style doesn’t always have to be sophisticated and complicated, right? Imagine this little wall stencil in your bathroom. Poof! A sudden luxurious bathroom, guaranteed.

Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design
Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design

I hope this post can give you a proper knowledge about Damask Wall Stencil Designs. Make sure to choose the best design that suitable for your room.
Images: amazon.com, cuttingedgestencils.com, quoteko.com.


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