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Cordless Roman Shades for Windows

Cordless Roman Shades

Cordless roman shades – There are so many kinds of shades, which are available in the market. One of the best shades is Cordless roman shades. Cordless roman shades are a popular choice for safety, convenience and a clean-looking style – no messy cords means a more attractive appearance.
Cordless roman shades is not only child safe, but offers an inexpensive and unique decorative value to each room in your home. Roman shades simply raise and lower by human power, and can be adjusted to any height to regulate how much sun you would like to filter into a room during the day, blackout lining keeps the room peacefully dark at nap-time.
The Roman shades help in improvising the looks of your room. When you have cords hanging from the curtains in your room, they look bad and give your room a bored look. You don’t want to have cords hanging everywhere and spoiling the looks of your room. The cordless Roman shades provide your room with a clean look.

Cordless Roman Shades on French Doors
Cordless Roman Shades on French Doors

Benefits of Cordless Roman Shades

Here are some benefiits of cordless roman shades:
1. Safety
Using cordless Roman shades are safe to have in your house. If you are wondering, how is that?bThere have been cases, where young children have accidently strangled themselves using blind cords. You certainly don’t want that happening in your home, with young kids around. It is not always possible to keep an eye on them.
The least you can do is to make their environment at home a safe place to stay. Since Roman shades are cordless, there is no question of anyone getting injured. This is a very good reason for having Roman shades in your home.
2. Appearance
Today’s design trends are all about masking elements that do not contribute to the overall design theme. Refrigerators, for example, can now be outfitted with faces that allow them to blend in as kitchen cabinets. Cordless roman shades adhere to this sleek design standard, removing unsightly cords that disrupt the visual appeal of the fabric itself.

Cordless Roman Shades Fabric
Cordless Roman Shades Fabric

3. Ease of Use
Cordless Roman shades are easy to use and maintain. There is a small plastic tab that comes in a triangular shape. This can be found at the bottom of the railing. This plastic tab can be gripped firmly in your fingers and used. You just have to move the direction either down or up. The Roman shades moves accordingly.
They are also easy to maintain as you don’t need to clean them often. It would be best to wash the Roman shades couple of times a month or even lesser. That depends on the users and the area which you are living in.
If you are living in a city or crowded area, then the dust levels might be high and you would want to clean it often. When you are residing in an isolated area, then you can clean it once in a while.
4. Improved Performance
One of the biggest drawbacks to roman blinds has been trying to keep the shade straight. Sometimes it would seem like it was impossible to keep the shade straight.
The cord lock was the reason for this nightmare. The cords would not lock in the cogs at the same time, making it almost impossible to hang straight.
Now with the cordless roman shade it’s always straight. It always stops in perfect alignment wherever you let go of the tab and stays in that spot till you decide to change it.
Blackout Cordless Roman Shades
5. Convenience
The control mechanism of most cordless roman shades is located at the bottom, ending the need to stand on stools or furniture to reach cords that only partially drop from the top of the window treatment. This allows you to install cordless roman shades in high or hard-to-access spaces, providing you with greater flexibility in lighting control options.
Evaluating these options against your budget can mean that the best option for you personally is to incorporate a mix of cordless and corded roman shades. Be advised though: once you install the cordless roman shades, you may fall in love with the sleek lines and find yourself jumping through hoops to exchange the shades with cords.
Well, I hope this short reviews about benefits of Cordless roman shades will help you to decorate your home.


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