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Commercial Bathroom Stalls

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Bathroom privacy is one of the most important aspects for commercial bathroom. Many bathroom users concern about bathroom privacy when using restroom in public facility. If you are business owner and you concern about your consumer’s comfort, you need to consider this aspect. To guarantee your consumer’s comfort, you need to install commercial bathroom stalls. These bathroom stalls are available in various designs. It will be easy for you to find the best stall which is suitable with you need. Installing the stall will provide privacy for your consumer.
There are many aspects to consider when you are purchasing commercial bathroom stalls. The first aspect to determine the best bathroom stall is your commercial bathroom’s construction. It is indeed important for you to provide privacy. Make sure that your stall has safe wall which is useful to keep the customers safe. Commercial bathroom stalls are offered in various materials. These materials are including stainless steel, baked enamel, plastic laminate, solid phenolic core, and solid plastic. It is even better since the stalls can be mounted to different areas in the bathroom. The users can have the option to choose from floor braced, ceiling hung, overhead braced, and floor to ceiling bathroom stall. You need to choose the wall stalls which are working in some types of bathroom design. As the example, floor to ceiling partitions are able to provide extra stability than other stalls.
commercial bathroom stalls parts
In purchasing commercial bathroom stalls, installation is important. For some cases, you might need overhead braced bathroom stalls since they are very convenient. It does not need specific floor to ceiling construction. These overhead braced bathroom stalls are available in various materials including solid plastic, stainless steel, and baked enamel. Another option which is available in commercial bathroom stalls is no-site stall which does not have gaps between the door and pilasters. This is suitable for more upscale area whose patrons need more private environment. You can also have the option to choose baked enamel if you need more affordable option. Baked enamel is available in various colors allowing you to choose the best option for your commercial bathroom.

Commercial Bathroom Stalls Options

Another option for commercial bathroom stalls is ceiling hung. Ceiling hung bathroom screen is suitable for some areas which have low ceilings. The stall is suitable for some areas which are less than eight feet high. Since it does not have any connection the floor, this commercial restroom stall helps you to have easier maintenance. There are many colors which you can choose. Installing the stall allows you to enjoy some benefits. The material offers corrosion resistant making it suitable option for some places like movie theaters, retail stores, and restaurants.
commercial bathroom stalls used
If you are looking for commercial bathroom stalls, you are recommended to get floor braced bathroom stalls. These stalls are suitable for areas which have high ceilings. By using this design, your consumers are able to enjoy spaciousness effect. Choose solid phenolic core floor braced restroom stall since it has the ability to resist bacteria, water, oil, and humidity. It offers simple maintenance so you can handle cleaning process much easier. If you need stronger option, you should go with stainless steel bathroom stalls.

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