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Color Ideas that Goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets

What color paint goes with cherry wood cabinets? This is quite a popular question to many homeowners who want to make some changes to their home. They might become a bit hesitant when choosing the color paint due to various reasons. Most of them, because they do not know what color paint that really works in improving the appearance of their home, while some of them are confused with the wide range of option available right before their eyes. If you were one of the confused people when choosing color paint for cherry wood cabinet, you should finish reading this article. We have gathered some ideas of color paint that works well for cherry wood cabinets.

What Colors Paint Goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets

What Colors Paint Goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets

We can get a real headache when trying to combine the colors with mixed tones of cherry wood. However, that does not mean there is no way out. We still have a chance to make great colors combination for the room if we knew the guideline. One important when choosing the right wall paint to make great color combination with cherry wood cabinet is we must find the one that we really like while also goes well with the style of our home and space.
The first option is beige. It is a very popular color option so that deserving of the title “builder’s beige” due to being a popular color paint option is chosen among contractors. The combination of the beige and the color of cherry wood cabinet can be so harmonious while sometimes the beige itself is a bit flat color. The yellowish brown can make a great combination with reddish color of the cabinets. We can also get more modern touch by choosing the grey and beige mix color. If you want to bring out the brown notes in your wood, you can choose the icy blue-white paint. Choose the pure white, if you wanted to display the nuance of clean.

What Colors Paint Goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets

The second option color is the pastels. One of the most suitable pastels from the color wheel that may go very well with cherry wood is green. Choose the pale minty green or analogous pink to bring out something that looks stylish shabby. Choose the light blue-green or almost-aqua color, and then you will get the atmosphere of a country meets city. We can also have an earthy room by choosing one of the options like cucumber, subtle sage, or muted moss. Polish the room with pastel coral and you will get warm feeling in the room. This might work very well for those who are wondering what colors paint goes with cherry wood cabinets.
The third option is to put something on the cabinet color. Choose the color from the cabinet’s color striation, and combine with accessories that can reflect lights like metal and mirror, white drapery, and whitish accessories.

What Colors Paint Goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets

The fourth option is applying bright color paint. Those who love contemporary style would love to use a bright color.
If you still wonder what color paint goes with cherry wood cabinets, you can try to mix and match the color and sample it on the other color, then see if it works.


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