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Bedroom Furniture Arrangement

Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips

When we talk about bedroom furniture, we also talk about the arrangement. It is impossible to push every interesting piece you found if you have a small bedroom. On the other hands, having a large bedroom is quite tricky too, because you can’t have too many alterations to the decoration flow. A decor disaster often happens when you don’t consider the theme and the layout of your bedroom when buying bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Plans
Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Plans

You may want to consider having a bedroom rearrangement before you set your decision on purchasing bedroom furniture. The easiest way to do it is to draw a layout of your bedroom. We highly recommend being as precise as possible. Measure your bedroom size, along with other furniture. Draw them in a piece of paper, and imagine placing each of the bedroom furniture in their proper place.
First, put down the bed and make sure it’s the focal point of your bedroom. We recommend placing it on the centre of the largest wall. Make sure to have enough room to walk. Therefore, if you haven’t bought your bed yet, you should take a measurement to learn which bed suitable for you. You can also ask opinion from people from the furniture store like Crate.ca to give you advices about this matter.
Continue with placing smaller furniture for balance. You can use nightstand on the side of the bed, or you can add a dresser to the opposite side to make a bedroom with balanced design. You should also consider the function of each of the furniture. Make sure they can serve your purpose when you need them. Bottom line is, function over form.
Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Rectangular Room
Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Rectangular Room

After you get the right design, you can then start to rearrange your bedroom. The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms in the house for decoration. To add some spice on to it, just do some decoration and change the fabrics.


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