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Retractable Kitchen Island by Tim Thaler

Beautiful Retractable Kitchen Island by Tim Thaler

Retractable Kitchen Island by Tim Thaler

Technology integration is not something new. We have seen many of this in our daily life, and now here is another example of new technology that is trying to make its way to the surface. Tim Thaler created unique combination between iPhone and kitchen island. The basic idea of Tim’s creation is to bring in an island for storage while also creating enough space in the kitchen. To accommodate both of them, Tim created kitchen island that retracts into floor when not needed. How he managed to create this kind of kitchen island?

Retractable Kitchen Island by Tim Thaler

The kitchen island is on the top position as usual, and then the bottom part is the unfinished utility/storage room. Tim Thaler chose the hydraulic scissor lift for the lifting mechanism and put it under the kitchen in the utility room. After that, Tim built a small frame and put it on the top of the lift table. The subfloor, flooring, and then the island are to be the part the designer installs on top of the frame. When the cabinet fully rises, we would find the door on each side of it. Both of them are completed with safety button that will automatically switch off the electricity. This would prevent the cabinet from moving when the doors are not shut.

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