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Beautiful Home with Colorful Design Resembling the Seasonal Changes

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Beautiful Home with Colorful Design

Different theme could bring different feeling. That is what the Elina Dasira Interior & lighting design studio tries to prove through its colorful home project. Inspired with the seasonal changes, the studio turned a home for young couple in Chania, Crete into a special place to live in. Through the design, the owner can appear as nice person who can host the guests properly by providing comfortable place. Other than that, of course, the colorful design of the house can cheer up the atmosphere, something needed when spending time with family. The colorful design sparkles the positive energy throughout the home.

Modern Apartment Ideas with Seasonal Theme

To complete the home, the designer decided to create modern kitchen that boasts shiny and ergonomic looks that represent modern design. It is measured at 21 square meters. Autumn was chosen to be the theme of dining and living room measured at 40 square meter with natural materials and original ceiling lighting brighten them up. As for the bedroom, the designer decided to go with the turquoise color for the walls to bring in the relaxing atmosphere to the room. This allows the homeowner to enjoy the soothing feeling of bedroom. So, what do you think about home with this seasonal changes theme?

Elegant Seasonal Theme for Modern Apartment Interior

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