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Arched Window Treatments

Arched Window Treatments – Arched windows serve as decorative focal points within a room, adding a sense of charm and character not found with traditional window shapes. Arched window treatments, can have many different characteristics, it just depends on what you are after for that particular space and window. Though it can be more difficult to find treatments designed to fit arch, creative homeowners can easily find solutions to suit their needs.
The treatments that you use for the windows will depend on the pattern and design of the window. There are many homes that may have a series of arched windows index in their walls, and some just have one arched window. Adding a curtain rod to the arched portion can be helpful, or you may hang the curtains to see the arched detailing of the window.

Arched Window Treatments Curtains
Arched Window Treatments Curtains

Arched windows are nothing short of a beautiful sight. However, many homeowners are perplexed as to the proper way to dress their windows. While choosing window treatments for arched windows may be tricky, refrain from taking the easy way out by placing a high-set rod and long curtains to conceal your arch. Accentuate the architectural beauty of your arched windows without sacrificing style or privacy with these ideas for arched window treatments.

Some Consideration to Choose Arched Window Treatments

First, window treatments for arched openings come in three basic varieties: curtains, shades and shutters. For maximum privacy, consider shutters or shades, which block views and natural light but also keep out prying eyes. To make your shutters or shades fit perfectly within arched windows, consider ordering custom units designed to fit the gentle curves of your window frames. For a more economical option, look for prefabricated shutters designed to fit standard arch sizes. Keep in mind, however, that these shutters may not be operational. If you prefer the look of curtains, match the thickness of the curtains to your need for privacy and light. Choose thicker curtains in rooms where you want more privacy and less light infiltration, such as the bedroom, and stick to thinner curtains to filter light in kitchens and other living areas. To maximize natural lighting, leave the arched portion of the window uncovered and hang curtains below.

Ideas for Arched Window Treatments
Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

Second, I suggest an upholstered cornice with arched details and banding with under mounted swags and traversing pleated drapery. Seize the opportunity to use multiple fabrics for a complex decorator look or dial down the drama with a monochromatic color scheme. The lower arch of the cornice showcases the arch by following the outer lines of the window. This Option will be just at home in modern space as in a very traditional space; a formal space or more casual space. The key again is the choice of fabrics. Mix sheer with heavier options and patterned fabric with solid colors. If choosing a monochromatic scheme, vary the textures of the fabric for added interest.
Third, If your intention is to show off the arched detailing, then hang a curved rod along the circumference of the arched section. This treatment can look wow, and you can add many different patterns to suit your tastes.
A sunburst window treatment can be used, where you can cover the arched part with a nice piece of fabric. A light fabric is often used for this, to allow the light to enter the room. A fan style is something that you may want to consider. These curtains will open from the center point of the window.
Arch French Door Window Treatments
Arch French Door Window Treatments

However, if you are after something simple then adding blinds is the best way to go. Blinds are easy to use and don’t require much maintenance.
Another type of this window treatment is to use stained glass decoration on the window glass. The stained glass decoration can be used on the whole window or just the arched part of the window. If the window is in an office or showroom, then window tinting solutions can be adopted.
Above was a few of the most effective arched window treatments that will assist you appropriately boost that wonderful arch. Be sure that you choose the correct fabric and colors and also the perfect blind fabric and design to match your needs. Add the imagination and ideas together with the ones described above and appropriately emphasize this beautiful window.


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