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Wallpaper Paint Ideas

Weighing Option of Painting or Wallpaper

Optimizing the walls can be a very effective way to change the atmosphere of the room. When budget becomes the limit, opting for more budget-friendly plan can really save your project. In home renovation, optimizing the wall to change the decoration is a popular option among the homeowners. Many people believe that this can really change our room, not only the aesthetic side, but simultaneously changes the feel of the room. Speaking about changing room decoration by optimizing the walls, we have two options of treat. They are paint and wallpaper. Both of them are capable in improving the room, but they are different in many ways. Just in case you are now wondering the best wall treatment for your decoration, we have listed the pros and cons when using them for decoration.

Wallpaper Paint Ideas

One thing that must come first when weighing option between wallpaper and paint is the preparation. This tip may be very helpful for those who want to change the decoration, not for those starting from the scratch.
In term of preparation, paint is way quicker and easier option than wallpaper. It does not need special tools and effort to change the room’s appearance by repainting it. Perhaps the only challenges are the wall imperfections and choosing the right color selection. We have to make sure that all the imperfections are gone before applying the paint. For the color selection, it is all about our preference. Choose one that suits our taste, and if we are about to repaint the room with lighter color, we have to apply the primer paint first as the layer before applying the paint. All those requirements are easier than changing wallpaper. We need special tools and techniques to remove the wallpaper. Besides, this also requires us to be patience and diligent. If we are not sure that we can deal with the task, it might be better if we call the professional for help.

Wallpaper Black Design Ideas

The Next things we need to consider are the selection and durability. Both paint and wallpaper are available in various color options and varieties. All those options can make the search way much easier.
Wallpaper comes with various patterns, colors, and pictures. It is also suitable for high traffic area, and can stand against wear and tear of children. Some varieties of wallpaper are also coming with easy maintenance feature. However, it can easily peel off when frequently exposed to water. In the meantime, paint offers easy application, and is more economical solution than wallpaper. Just like wallpaper, paint also comes with various color options. The minus point of paint is that it can be easily peeled off when the wall damaged.

Wallpaper Gray Design

The next thing we need to consider before making up our mind is the cost. This is a very important tip, especially for limited budget people. Searching for the budget-friendly wallpaper or paint can be critical in our project. Wallpaper and paint are coming with wide range price. They are available from low end to the high end. This depends on many aspects. Wallpaper usually comes with higher price compared to paint. However, we can save more if we can find more budget-friendly option and install it without the help from professional. In the other hand, paint can cost us more if we decided to use high-end paint, like faux paint or textured paint.

Wallpaper Paintable

There is also combination option. The paintable wallpaper comes to accommodate those who want more textured wall. Apply the wallpaper on the wall, and then it is your decision whether or not you are going to apply the paint. So, which one suits your taste?


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