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Shaw Laminate Flooring at Lowes

Shaw Laminate Flooring Lowes

Shaw Laminate Flooring Lowes – There are many stores selling Shaw laminate flooring, and one of them is the Lowes. Lowes in one of the biggest furniture store available in North America, offering various goods, including flooring options.
We have gone through checking many reviews about Shaw’s products, and in today’s post we are going to give you our honest opinion about whether you should buy the laminate flooring items from Lowes or not.
So first we would like to point out the reputation of Shaw Company. This company is a well known manufacturer of wood flooring in United States, but now they are gaining more popularity thanks to their Shaw laminate flooring series.

Shaw Laminate Flooring at Lowes
Shaw Laminate Flooring at Lowes

Best Quality of Shaw Laminate Flooring Lowes

Their line of products are often rated 5 stars in many sites. Most of these sites said that the Shaw laminate flooring is one of the laminates that have the best qualities. The first and the main advantage of this product is the durability and the various style it has.
From wood to ceramic, the Shaw Company managed to create enhanced prints on their laminate flooring that looks almost identical with the real one. What’s more, they added new feature that allows their flooring to have texture. It can resist color fading, moisture and stains. However, it is not recommended to leave the split liquid stay on the laminate flooring for too long.
Another major feature that most people love is the price. The Shaw laminate flooring is 30{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} cheaper compared to wood flooring, and it is more versatile. It can be installed in places where the standard wood flooring can’t. The installation is a breeze, and you can do it on your weekend. You can use the money to get additional stuff for your new room, right?

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Lowe's
Waterproof Laminate Flooring Lowe’s

People also compliment the toughness of the Shaw’s product. You can use it in high-traffic rooms like living room. However, some applications may void your warranty. Shaw installation recommendation mention that they give 15 to 25 years of warranty for their laminate products used in dry and interior applications. If you are considering using the laminate flooring over radiant heat, you should consider the installation guidelines.
So the conclusion is, the Shaw laminate flooring does have a lot of advantages, including affordable price, durability, versatility, warranty, etc. However, it does need some specific work in its maintenance.
Strangely, I’ve come across several people who bought this product from Lowes and they say that it’s disappointing. Most of the complaints come about the ‘lock’ mechanism and the ‘swelling’ of the planks. To be honest, I am not sure which kind of laminate flooring the Lowes were selling, but I have seen nothing but positive reviews in all other house-related sites.
Shaw management said that the reason for this is probably because those Lowes customers didn’t really get the proper information on the installation and maintenance of Shaw laminate flooring. The maintenance is basically an easy job; you just have to know how.
Pergo Laminate Flooring Lowe's
Pergo Laminate Flooring Lowe’s

First, you need to avoid mopping using soap, detergent, or your regular floor cleaner. ALWAYS use a cleaner that is made specifically for laminate materials. You also need to sweep and vacuum your floor regularly. In fact, you should avoid mopping altogether, because water or other liquid may cause swelling, delaminating or joint line separation.
Finding Shaw laminate flooring at Lowes is a challenge, but there are still other stores that offer these products.

Images: laminateflooringtropar.blogspot.com, cambriahomedesignconcepts.com, houzz.com.


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