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Sample of Round Dining Table for 10 People

Round dining table for 10 is a perfect choice for those who frequently hold party for the whole family. This table is big enough to accommodate small family party on Christmas Eve or thanksgiving. Some people believe that round table is much friendlier and safer. There will be no dreadful accidents bumping the sharp edges anymore. Having 10 people surround and use the table, it means we need an area that is not just enough for the guests, but also for the dishes. This is why the round dining table for 10 people is the right choice. Well, it is just the users’ preference actually, and we would never find the exact answer when somebody asks why choose the round table. It is pure the user’s preference that affects the decision whether the user is going to buy the round table or the rectangular table. If you need more information or samples about large round dining table enough for 10 people just to convince you, then you should finish reading this article.

Some Options of Round Dining Table Set for 10

The first sample of large round dining table enough for 10, here is the Finest Large American Made Mahogany Dining Table, 12 ft. Long. If you were looking for a perfect blend between size, proportion, and beauty, perhaps this Sheraton-style table is the answer. The “D” shaped corners prevent the painful bump when past walk it, making it a safe dining table for kid. The table consists of the a swirly-crotch Mahogany field, black/white and Tulipwood inlays, and Primavera and Santos Rosewood borders with a three beaded edge. It has 76 inches long X 48 inches wide with 22 inches leaves. The manufacturer offers two types of this mahogany table. They are the two leaves with 120 inches of total length and three leaves with 142 inches of total length.

Round Dining Table Set for 10
Finest Large American Made Mahogany Dining Table

The sample number two, here is the round dining table for 10 called Large Round Walnut Dining Room Table with Leaves. This walnut table is another perfect option available for those looking for the dining table for 10 people. A suitable addition for country house, but still could turn into a focal point of your primary home’s kitchen. Its versatility is unquestionable. With the ability to provide 6 seats when closed, and 10 seats when opened, this table is ready to make your family dining special. The design allows the users to open and close the table easily. It only requires the users to slide the large pie shape piece out to open, reach into the table and fold out the attached and hidden leaves. Once done, push the pie shaped pieces back to the center. This extendable table is coming with 64 inches round and 84 inches round and 30 inches high of measurements.
Round Dining Table Set for 10
Large Round Walnut Dining Room Table with Leaves

So, what do you think? Are you interested to bring huge round table into your home after reading the information about round dining table for 10 shared above? Round dining table is another perfect additional for any style of home.


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