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Rubber Flooring Tiles for Basements

Advantages of Rubber Floor Tiles for Basement

Rubber Floor Tiles for Basement. Basement is commonly used as an open space that is perfect for family activities. For people with children, the basement flooring material is important, because children tend to run around here and there. One of the popular solutions for this problem is rubber floor. Originally made for garage floor, the rubber floor tiles for basement is a great option because they can meet that expectation we’ve talked about. If you are planning to cover your basement floor with rubber tiles, then you should read on our article to find out the pros and the cons of rubber floor tiles.

Rubber Flooring Tiles for Basements
Rubber Flooring Tiles for Basements

Why Choose Rubber Floor Tiles for Basement

It is no longer a secret that rubber floor has a high durability. Usually a properly maintained rubber floor can last more than 13 years! That is a lot longer than the standard PVC floor tiles that can only last for up to 10 years.
Another advantage is the rubber’s natural feature. It is soft, even though it is very strong. I have several friends who used their basement as a ‘kid paradise’. They use the rubber floor tiles in their basement so that it can cushion their kids.
Another reason they chose rubber tiles in their basement is that the abundant color options. Although it may not be the perfect taste for some, there’s a friend of mine who installed a colorful basement floor tiles. The room was made exclusively for their children. Of course, today there are other designs that can suit your taste. You can even choose the luxurious looking rubber. You can combine several colors and get a nice pattern in your basement. You can even find matte finish for a sophisticated look. Heck, you can also find the ones that have many similarities with natural stone materials.

Basement Rubber Flooring Options
Basement Rubber Flooring Options

Speaking of modern style, you can look for tiles with textures. The common textures found in this kind of tile are dimples, studs, or even abstract textures. This is a great way to match your overall basement design and theme.
Spilling water or juice is not a problem. The water resistant feature is one of the many reasons why it is popular. That said, you may want to install vapor barrier underneath the tiles.
Remember how cigarette’s fall can ruin your rugs? Today most rubber tiles are made with burn resistant feature. It can’t withstand a full-scale fire, but small fires can’t burn them. Choose the ones that has non-toxic feature.
Rubber Tiles for Basements
Rubber Tiles for Basements

The last advantage of a rubber floor tiles that we can think of is the low maintenance requirement. When you want to clean them, all you have to do is to use a regular mop and warm water. It is recommended that you use warm water or soap specially made for rubber. Once in a while, polish your tiles with water soluble wax emulsion. That is all. Doing this will ensure the durability of your rubber tiles.
Cleaning with strong detergents or other strong cleaning agents is the common mistake done by many people. ALWAYS avoid using these detergents because they ruin the rubber. In prolonged use, the detergents will reduce the color of your rubber floor tiles for basement.
Images: modutile.com, buildsimplehome.com, bostonbasementsystems.com.


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