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Reason why We should Check the Dunn Edwards Paint Color Chart

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Liven up the room still becomes the trending project among many homeowners to date. Various methods, furniture, and remodeling plan have been tried and offered to homeowners, but there are still some of homeowners who feel that those things do not make significant changes to their room. Perhaps, this is because they choose the wrong color of paint. Without a doubt, color plays a very vital role in liven up the room and choosing the color can be the key to complete the project perfectly. Unfortunately, searching the most suitable color is not an easy thing to do because the number of color option that is limited. Dunn Edwards, as one of the standout profiles in a paint industry, notices that providing the customers with tool to find the right color of paint could make the repainting project easier to complete. Dunn Edwards paint color chart is just one of the company’s tools offered to customers to complete the decoration.

Why we should check the color chart? Before we find out the answer for that question, lets we check the history and background of the company that makes it deserves worth considering brand. The journey of Dunn Edwards’ brand starts when Frank Dunn founded a wallpaper store in 1925. After that, the expansion begins with the production of his own paint in the back room of his store. The word Edward on the brand was taken from Dunn’s partner last name, Arthur C. Edwards who was a painting contractor and pigment salesperson, and joined Dunn to form Dunn Edwards in 1938.

Dunn Edwards Paint Color Chart

Speaking about Dunn Edwards, the word quality would come across first. Since the beginning of its establishment back in 1928, the company commits to quality. The company ensures that only top quality products are offered to customers. How to make that happens? Every company has its own method to maintain the quality of its products, and Dunn Edwards chooses to test each and every product to ensure that customers will get the top quality product. In addition to quality control system that ensures that the customer will get quality product, there is also a tool. Dunn Edward paint color chart shows nearly two thousand color options available for customers. The company has its own system to make the selection easier. This would save our time. There will be no more moment of us juggling with the color options to find the fittest and the most suitable color for the decoration.

Dunn Edwards Paint Color Chart

Dunn Edward paint color chart makes the selection easier. Through the color selection system owned by the company, we can find the most suitable color for our project faster. The process is simple, and the company makes sure that customers will get the right one by providing guidelines for choosing color too. Other than that, there are also tips and free color samples offered to those who are still searching for the right color for their project. Dunn Edward is not only worth-considering brand, but also a guarantee for satisfaction for any home improvement project.


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