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Playroom Color Schemes

Playroom Color Schemes – When you decided to have a playroom for your kids, there are some aspects to consider. One of the most aspect is a color schemes. Picking out a color palette or theme for your playroom can be a lot of fun. Children respond to bright colors and large patterns, there are many contemporary color palettes that would work well in a playroom, please choose playroom color schemes wisely according to their taste and personality.

Color Schemes for Playroom
Color Schemes for Playroom – Round Hanging Bulb Chair

You can design the playroom just like any other room of the house: with one accent walls, functional furniture and lots of storage. Just keep in mind that kids love bright and vibrant colors and they love to have lots of space at their disposal.
When picking out paint for playroom color schemes, consider the size of the room, the amount of natural and artificial light it receives and the paint finish. Add life to a small room with abundant artificial light by choosing bright or dark jewel tones. Enhance a room awash in natural light with a light color. Choose a paint finish that won’t show handprints and smudges. Eggshell- or satin-finish paints won’t draw attention to a wall or trim’s imperfections and are washable, though flat paints have stain-resistant properties. Add dimension to the space with paints in two different finishes. Paint the ceiling in a semi-gloss and the walls in a flat finish for a contrast between sheen and matte while making the ceiling feel more light-reflective.
Kids Playroom Ideas Themes
Kids Playroom Ideas Themes – Playroom Design Indian Style

Playroom Color Schemes Suggestions

Kids grow up quickly and their tastes change even quicker, so we suggests to select a playroom color schemes that has some longevity to it, because kids grow up so fast and nurseries become big boy or girl rooms before you know it. It’s nice to have a color scheme that will transition with your child so they can grow into the room, rather than having to redo it after a few years.
Again, please choose playroom color schemes wisely, because colors has an effect for kids brain and feeling. Watch out for the darker cool colors, however, which may depress your child. Light cool colors, such as blue, green, and violet, have soothing effects and can make your child’s room feel more spacious and elegant. Blue is often seen as harmonious and peaceful, and offers a sense of wisdom, confidence, and stability. It slows the nervous system and produces a calming effect that helps prepare the body for sleep. Greens have been said to reinforce self-esteem and suggest hope, restfulness, and calmness. It is a refreshing color that makes dim rooms more vibrant. These colors are great by themselves or as accents with hotter colors.

Kids Playroom Color Schemes
Kids Playroom Color Schemes

Purple has the effects of blue and red, evoking stability and energy. Depending on the shade, it can signify royalty, power, and luxury. Lighter purples induce peacefulness and nostalgia, while darker purples may induce sadness or frustration.
Earth tones include grays, browns, and beiges. This color scheme creates a sense of warmth, comfort, and relaxation and may be good for hyperactive children. Muted earth colors, such as tones you may see in nature, would be best for these children.
Consider the colors of the playroom’s furnishings, accessories and architectural features. If the furniture is vibrant, such as bright pink or bold blue, choose a light color that won’t compete for attention. The same applies for wall accessories such as framed art or wall appliques. If the furnishings are in natural, wooden tones, choose a bold paint color for the walls. Add visual interest by painting a built-in bookcase or accent wall in a darker shade than the room’s primary color. If painting the room a gender-neutral light green, create visual interest by painting the accent piece in a shade of green at least three shades deeper.
Playroom Wall Color Ideas
Playroom Wall Color Ideas – World Map Kids Room

Giving your kids an open area to play and use as they like will help give them the freedom to explore and expand their imaginations. It’s important for kids to play and exercise their mind away from the TV. Design a playroom that will make your kids crave playtime on a daily basis and make them want to master the world around them.
I hope this short reviews about playroom color schemes will help you when decide to create a playroom for your kids.
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