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Luxurious Interior Design Ideas from Eduard Caliman

Luxurious Interior Design Idea from Eduard Caliman

Luxurious Interior Design Ideas from Eduard Caliman

When I looked at the picture, it reminded me of a quote from animated film about a mouse with cooking ability. “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” Maybe Eduard Caliman is not an architect, and does not have architectural study background. He is not trained to create great building too, but this does not mean he cannot make great interior design. By using computer program, combined with his ability in envisioning great interior set up, he finished his projects. His recently completed project, Eduard Caliman visualized a room with luxurious touch.

Luxurious Living Room Interior Design from Eduard Caliman

At the middle of the room, there is huge size of sofa that plays an important role as a focal point. It becomes the separator of two areas, lounge area and the dining area. The room looks so elegance with large crystal chandeliers standing around the room. To complete this project, Eduard Caliman lent furniture collection from Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli. They are including feathery mirror (Bird) and the console (Gretel). He used the sofa of Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia as the center of attention of the design. Giovanni Sforza Home luxury Collection’s lamps and ceiling lights contributed the luxurious and elegance touch of the design.

Living Room Interior Design Eduard Caliman

Elegant Kitchen Interior from  Eduard Caliman