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Discovery Lifetime Bedroom

Lifetime’s Beds Perfect For Children

Discovery Lifetime Bedroom

Childhood should be full of happiness and excitement. Perhaps this is the basic thought that makes the Danish furniture company, Lifetime moved to create some beautiful bed models for children. They have put together everything needed to build comfortable bed for children. Combined with ornaments that resemble of childhood, all the models shared below will not only be the place where our children can rest their body, but they will turn into something more playful than that. The ornaments that come along will make our children think they are in play area. Built by skillful craftsman who have been in the industry for years in Denmark, the beds shared below are safe for our children. The material used is also top quality. Solid wood has been chosen to guarantee the quality product. We do not have to do thorough inspection on every inch of the bed to find the knot and proof that company only uses solid wood because they chose to cover the product only with whitewash finish.

The first model of bed from Lifetime we are going to share today is The Discovery Kids Bed. Inspired from the shape of a spaceship, this bed allows our children’s imagination running wild. Let them sleep as little astronauts resting in a spaceship while they are wandering around the universe in their dream. This bed features curtains to cover the area under the bed, ladder, and safety rail bars.

Discovery Cabin Bed

The next bed is the Tree House Bed. When the only chance to experience living in a tree house is just from the story book, this bed can give your children a better experience. Bring in this Tree House Bed and let your children’s imagination works. A cabin topping the bed, open window to look around, ladders (slanted and rope), and additional area below the bed where we can use for other purposes are features offered by the Tree House Bed.

High Ttreehouse Bed