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Kitchen Island With Built-in Sofa

Kitchen with Unique Style – Kitchen Island with Built-in Sofa

Kitchen Island With Built-in Sofa

What makes something unique? Most people would get confused when they have to answer this question. In popular understanding, the word unique is a term used to describe the quality of being the one and the only. However, this is not the only way people describe the word unique. Sometimes people would use the word unique to call something unusual. Integrated kitchen island-sofa can be a perfect example of uniqueness. The creation of The Myers Touch comes out from the idea of bringing the live to the kitchen, which allows people to spend time hanging out at the kitchen.

Kitchen Island With Built-in Sofa

What do the clients think about this kitchen island with built-in sofa? Based on what the Interior architecture and design, the clients were satisfied with the result. The creative working at the Myers Touch has brought kitchen design to the next level. They mixed up everything perfectly. This includes the combination between the colors and materials used in this unique-styled kitchen. SieMatic units covered in black high gloss lacquer, Gaggenau and Miele appliances, they are all set up perfectly. There is more. The leather sofa integrated allows us to enjoy two things simultaneously. It allows us to enjoy our dinner while looking the view outside. Through the design, it is clear that the creative has brought kitchen to the new level. Along with the appliances brought in, this kitchen can be something more than just the place to cook something or prepare the dinner. It has turned into a cozy place where family can spend time in there.

Kitchen Island With Built-in Sofa

There is no doubt that this Myers Touch’s kitchen creation will be a hot topic to discuss in many forums. The Myers Touch has managed to change the way we see a kitchen, from just the place where mothers spend time cooking and preparing dinner to the place where family can spend time.

Kitchen Island With Built-in SofaKitchen Island With Built-in Sofa


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