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Interlocking Floor Tile Systems

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Many people still think that interlocking rubber floor tiles look horrible. Although I could agree with this statement a decade ago, I have completely changed my opinion recently. The rubber floor tiles industries have grown so big, with lots of fun innovations. In that spirit, today we are going to talk about all the possible application of these tiles.
Rubber floor tiles have grown tremendously from a simple mat into a practically endless possibilities. Today you can see the variation in the texture, color, or even the shape. Back then the tiles shape were limited to standard square shape, but now you can find other shapes! Some of the popular shape aside of the square shape is interlocking puzzle.

Interlocking Floor Tile Systems
Interlocking Floor Tile Systems

Moreover, with so many options to choose from, you can create a lot of different pattern. There’s nothing wrong with standard uncolored pattern, but you can also improve the sophistication of the room by using different rubber floor tiles’ color. For example, create a dazzling checkerboard pattern of matte black and white floor tiles.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles – Where to Apply ?

Back to topic, here are the possible applications of the rubber floor tiles in your home:
Play Room
If you have a rather big house, you can apply the tiles in your children play room. Alternatively, if you got a medium and small house and can’t spare a room for children’s play room, you can apply the interlocking rubber floor tiles in the corner of your living room or family room. This way, you can avoid your children spilling water or other types of liquid on your wood flooring, rugs or carpet.
Having rubber floor tiles in garage floor is a great idea. In general, most of the rubber tiles are made with oil and grease resistant features. Pick the one that comes with textures to avoid slipping. Due to its durability, the tiles will be able to withstand damages from dropped things in your garage. You can even make your garage a beautiful room to showcase your beloved car. Just remember one thing; avoid using white or other super warm colors.

Interlocking Floor Tiles Gym
Interlocking Floor Tiles Gym

There are not many recommended flooring for basement. The basic requirement is that the flooring should be able to withstand moisture. Rubber floor tile is one of the best materials to be used as the basement flooring, especially when it is combined with vapor barrier to avoid moisture under the rubber layer.
Pool side
You can avoid slipping after swimming by installing a pool side rubber floor tiles. Choose the ones that are least slippery, and avoid the smooth surfaced tiles.
Slip resistant is an irreplaceable feature for your gym tiles. This can be achieved with rubber tiles. Moreover, the tiles can act as extra cushion. Choose the one that has the soft texture, so that you can do your floor exercise with ease. Just imagine doing crunches without back pain! The minimum care only involves a spray of disinfectant and a clean cloth wipe.
As you can see, interlocking rubber floor tiles can be used in almost any environment, from basement to poolside.
Images: floormats.co.uk, rubberfloorings.in.


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