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How to Clean a Cast Iron Bath tub

How To Refinish Old Cast Iron Bathub

How To Refinish Old Cast Iron Bathtub – Do you find your bathtub old, dirty and yucky? What will you do after finding the old cast? You may go to a shop and start finding a new bathtub. But do not be surprised for the prices of a new bathtub. If you do not want to spend much money to buy the new one, you should get other alternatives so you can use you bathtub. One of the alternatives is refinishing your bathtub. Refinishing can save your money in bathroom renovation. Then how to refinish old cast iron bathtub?
To refinish old cast iron bathtub, you will need some utilities. You will need utility knife to remove the caulk. You will also need a razor to scrape the caulk. After that, you need cleaner and acid paste, plastic, brush, paint, and polyurethane.

How to Clean Old Cast Iron Bathtub
How to Clean Old Cast Iron Bathtub

This is the step on how to refinish old cast iron bathtub. First, use the utility knife. Use it to remove the old caulk from the tub. Secondly, use razor scraper on the caulk. Scrape the caulk from the face of the tile. After the tub is clean from the caulk, spray the tub using acid-based cleaner. You can buy this in the improvement shop. After the cleaner are sprayed, wait for about 5 minutes. After that, scrub the tub to cleaned the small caulk.
Cover the walls of the bathroom using plastic sheeting to avoid overspray materials. After that, apply the acid etching paste on the tub using a scrub brush. Wait for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, wash the tube by using clean water. Spray on primer and let it dry.
The last step on how to refinish old cast iron bathtub is coating. Remember that refinishing an old bathtub means duplicate the dip-coat of the bathtub. To get the new topcoat, you need to make a mixture of high-gloss polyurethane and white paint. Spray the tube using the mixture and wait until it is dry.
DIY Cast Iron Tub Refinishing
DIY Cast Iron Tub Refinishing

After knowing how to refinish old cast iron bathtub, you can start to apply the steps in your old cast. You may also need to refinish old bathtub when you come to a new apartment and get a very old bathtub. By using this step, you can save much money and invest the money for other improvement.
Some people have misconception in understanding how to refinish old cast iron bathtub. They may think that refinishing bathtub means removing the bathtub and taking it to a shop. Some other people may think we need to demolish the bathtub. By using these steps, we can refinish our bathtub at home. Do not forget to be aware of the overspray materials. You also do not need to call a technician to do this, because the steps are very priceless and simple.
Cast Iron Tub Restoration
Cast Iron Tub Restoration

However, if you do not have enough time and skill on that, calling a technician may become a good solution. A technician may give a neater result on top coating your old bathtub, because it is a little bit difficult.

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