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Lowes Bathroom Vanities 36 Inches with Tops

How to Choose Lowes Bathroom Vanities

Lowes bathroom vanities are one of the popular choices when it comes to cabinetry for your bathroom. There are abundant choices available from the official site, but which one is the best for your room? Today we’re going to give you a general guide on choosing the Lowes bathroom vanities and cabinetries.
A good and functional bathroom always adds value to your house, especially if you are planning to resell it in the future. One of the most important factors in an attractive bathroom is the cabinetry or vanities. This product is the place to store your towels, toiletries, etc.

Lowes Bathroom Vanities 36 Inches with Tops
Lowes Bathroom Vanities 36 Inches with Tops

There are several things to consider when choosing the bathroom vanities. In general, you should really consider a grand design of your bathroom. Adding a vanity means that there will be some changes inside. Make sure you have an idea about the expected design of your bathroom after adding the vanity. Be precise and measure the exact size that you want.  You should also prepare a budget for it.
We’re going to give you a basic understanding of a vanity quality. If your budget is sufficient, always opt for vanities with good quality, because the bathroom is is high on moisture and badly-constructed vanity will break down after a while.
Lowes Bathroom Vanities Double Sink
Lowes Bathroom Vanities Double Sink

There are four grades for bath cabinetry, which are:

  • Ready to Assemble or RTA vanities. This is the most affordable option, suitable for people who really have to replace their current cabinetry immediately but is short on money. Usually they come with low-quality wood material.
  • The stock vanities is the second most affordable and it comes with slightly better option on the material, size, and the door style.
  • The semi-custom comes with even more variation, but you are still limited in 3 inch increment. Ordering a perfect fit for your bathroom may still be a challenge.
  • The custom vanities come with unlimited variation, style, material, etc. However, you should prepare extra budget for this one. They can be significantly more expensive compared to the other three options.

Choosing the material
Always be picky when you’re choosing material and finishes for your Lowes bathroom vanities. You should confirm whether they can withstand water, moisture and heat. We recommend you to use the medium density fiberboard for the box material combined with wooden doors and drawer face to add elegance and style. Other commonly available options for the box are particle board and plywood.

Lowes Bathroom Vanities 60 Inch
Lowes Bathroom Vanities 60 Inch

What is the best Lowes bathroom vanities style?

This question should be answered by you. First you need to consider the use of your bathroom cabinetry. As a general guide, people who want to store many things can choose the double sink vanity. If you want to have a floor space that makes the bathroom looks larger, you should pick the narrow ones. There are a lot of other options available from the Lowes. Just make sure to take your time and browse the Lowes website to see the full range of options available. Remember to do some kind of simulation to get a grip of the cabinetry size in your bathroom. Being patient will give you the best result. Just don’t rush and you won’t regret it.


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