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Modern Window Treatments for Tall Windows

Home Window Treatments for Tall Windows

Window Treatments for Tall Windows – Tall windows can make a profound design impact and are striking and attractive. Drapes and blinds come in various standard sizes, but they might not be large enough to accommodate taller windows. Even besides the logistical challenges, there are also fashion choices to produce. The following window treatments are appealing but also easily accommodated to tall windows.

Window Treatments For Tall Windows with Loft Curtain
Window Treatments For Tall Windows with Loft Curtain

Drapery is the timeless window treatment and a superb option for your home if you’re looking to make a sensational or refined style statement. You need to think carefully about context, although tall windows develop an appearance that is distinctly regal when treated with draperies. Tie backs and Valances are also alluring accessories for your tall window treatments.
Roman Shades
Roman shades are one kind of window covering ideal for obstructing the sun and enhancing privacy. Especially for homeowners who prefer a contemporary or more tailored look, roman shades are a terrific choice. Their sleek design creates a sense of extravagance without excessive levels of material cluttering your window space. In addition, these shades give you greater control over seclusion and lighting so they make an especially good selection for west or south facing windows and those susceptible to prying eyes. For added design flexibility, consider joining roman shades and draperies to generate a more elegant look.
Cellular Shades
Cellular protections are a comparatively recent trend in window treatments. Their modern style notwithstanding, cellular shades are likewise a good option for improving energy efficiency. Cellular shades are available in bottom up or top down styles, and the top and bottom of shades move separately for greater control over privacy and lighting. In reality, unlike conventional blinds or roman shades, you can adjust your cellular protections while keeping privacy, to enable more sun.
Window Treatments For Tall Windows and Doors
Window Treatments For Tall Windows and Doors

Motorized Shades
Blinds and shades can be quite difficult to fix on tall windows. You may well not be able to get to the pulley system for very tall windows , so motorized protections are an excellent alternative. Plus, motorized blinds remove cords so they are a safer option in homes with little kids and pets.
One of the very most overlooked options for window treatments is no treatment whatsoever. When you have a room with many windows, or smaller windows above your tall windows, you may even decide to leave a few of the windows bare. You can also put in a valance and make a more significant design impact, but you are given the chance to enjoy your natural surroundings and sunlight more intimately by bare windows.

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