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Hipster Room Decorating Ideas

Hipster Room Decor Ideas

Hipster Room Decor is the kind of home decoration suitable for you who want to be different and unique from everybody else. A “hipster” is generally defined as a young, urban middle class adult who rejects mainstream society and consumerism in favor of a critical subculture which lauds critical thought, green living and obscure music.
The Hipster Room Decor does not use an ordinary and common theme. It is more to a mixing stuff and furniture from variety of theme, and creating a harmony combination that cannot be categorized to any kind of theme. Furthermore, you can have more fun in creating the room since there are no rules of theme.

Hipsters Paper-Pom-Poms
Hipsters Paper-Pom-Poms

To make this hipster room decor, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money. The stuff that you need could be easily made yourself. You can simply use the scraps material to make a new thing or you can redesigning the old thing and make them look new. Furthermore, you can simply go to the local garage sale. There, you can buy whatever cute things you find and then put them randomly in your room. It will not be expensive and the result will be great.

Hipster Room Decor Ideas

Here’s some ideas of hipster room decor below, find hipster design that suit your taste as well.
Swing Chair
One of the best addition to the hipster home style, comfortable and practical – Swing Chairs. Bamboo is the best choice, cushions, sheepskin or a crochet throw is a nice addition.

Hipster Swing Chair Ideas
Hipster Swing Chair Ideas

Having a visibly displayed bookcase is hipster essential. Since hipsters pride themselves on appreciation of great literary works, a cool bookcase filled with classics is key in creating an aura of sophistication and depth.  Make sure your bookcase includes a variety of “approved reads” by authors like Franz Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and other hipster faves.  The bookcase can be vintage or modern with a 60s or 70s feel.
Hipster Disheveled Bookcase
Hipster Disheveled Bookcase

Bar Carts
Hipster Bar Carts Ideas

Beautiful booze bottles, chic glasses, a cocktail shaker, recipe book displayed on a trolley and you have one of the most appealing displays with you. Introducing the bar cart is far cooler than a drinks cabinet.
Vintage Furnishings
The right furnishings are essential to creating an appropriate hipster vibe.  The idea is to mix modern items with enough vintage ones to show you have an appreciation for a time before furniture was mass produced.  A few key vintage finds that are actually from the 50s, 60s or 70s will be enough to create the right vibe in your home.  A retro couch, record player or old roll top desk are great room decorating ideas for your hipster pad.
Hipster Vintage Furniture Decor Accessories
Hipster Vintage Furniture Decor Accessories

Gallery Wall
Create a wall of pictures, it can be anything from travel experience to your favorite things in the world; no hipster hangs just one picture. Create a comfortable nook with an Acapulco chair.
Hipster Gallery Wall Design Ideas
Hipster Gallery Wall Design Ideas

Suspended Lights
The desire for this utilitarian style is that many a hipster wants to live in a spacious, industrial looking loft. You can find this almost everywhere nowadays.
Hipster Suspended Lights - Utilitarian Style
Hipster Suspended Lights – Utilitarian Style

Ironic Accessories
Your hipster room should contain at least one ironic accessory that can (but doesn’t have to) function as a focal point.  The accessory could be ironic for many reasons: it could blatantly clash with the rest of the room décor, be noticeably out of context, be an object that was normative for children in the 80s or early 90s or gently mock a part of society that is considered by hipsters to be somewhat less cultured. Examples of ironic items would be a unique and wacky chandelier like this “chandelier made from shades” a piece of taxidermy (yes, I’m serious!),  a flamboyantly religious item or a 90s inspired canopy bed.
Hipster Ironic Accessories - Distasteful Objects
Hipster Ironic Accessories – Distasteful Objects

Bike Rack
There isn’t a hipster on the planet that doesn’t own a bike and they love to showcase the love in creative manner. Choose a unique color scheme or the new fixie to enter the trendy bike rack zone.
Hipsters Bike Rack
Hipsters Bike Rack

Well, I hope you enjoyed these hipster room decor ideas to decorate your home according to “hipster standards”.

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