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Halo 4 Inch Recessed Lighting Trim

Halo Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Cooper Halo lighting line has a reputable name for a reason. They have been in the business for years and offer a variety of products, from simple light bulb to halo recessed lighting fixtures. All are available for both commercial and residential purposes. Therefore, whether you are using them as a general down lighting or as accent lighting, you can’t go wrong with the Halo lighting line.
Now let’s talk more about their recessed lights products. Cooper Lighting is extremely famous in this market segment. The reason why Halo recessed lighting fixtures are so popular is because the company made the products with quality in mind. Moreover, the installation process is fairly quick and easy. It is also flexible and reliable.

Halo Recessed Lighting Fixtures SpacingHalo Recessed H455RICAT120D 4-Inch 120-Volt LED Housing IC Air-Tite Remodel, Dimmable

As we have mentioned earlier, the main purpose of a recessed lighting is to provide accent to the whole room. With a proper use of accent lighting, you get a more beautiful and elegant room as the result. One of the ways to achieve this is using recessed lighting fixtures. Of course, there are ways to achieve the aesthetic effect that we want, such as using track lighting, chandeliers or pendants. So why stick to the fixtures?
There are several good reasons why you might consider the fixtures as the best way to achieve the aesthetic values. First, the fixtures is definitely simpler compared to track lighting. Second, the fixture cost much less than expensive pendants or chandeliers.

Halo 4 Inch Recessed Lighting TrimHalo 6 in. White LED Recessed Lighting Trim

Depending on your vision, the fixture type will be depending on the lighting effect that you want for the room.

  • Ambient Lighting

In short, the recessed lighting is used as a general light for day-to-day task. It means that you should search for halo recessed lighting fixtures that allows a wide beam of light. Standard open trim and baffle are applicable.

  • Task Lighting

The lighting is focused on a specific area. It’s usually applied on the task area in bathrooms, offices, kitchens, reading area etc. Search for outdoor recessed light fixtures that mount to the wall to avoid getting shadowed lighting. Again, you can use the standard open trim here.

  • Accent Lighting

If you have a prized paintings or collection and want to show them off, you can use the accent lighting. Search for the ones with open or baffle eyeball trim. Alternatively, you can opt for pinhole trimming too.

  • Wall Washing

This means that you want to highlight the whole part of your wall. You can have the wall washing lighting in one or your room’s entire wall. Usually this is done in the bedroom to give a larger feeling to the room. You can do this by choosing the right trim for the fixtures. Try eyelid wallwash trim for the best result.
Where to buy?
Buying a Halo recessed lighting fixtures is easy. We have compiled a short recommendation list for those who are looking for the best items. Please note that we only select the ones that has a minimum 4 out of 5 star rating.

Halo Recessed Lighting H7ICATHalo H7ICAT Air Tite Recessed Downlighting Incandescent 6-Inch Housing

Halo Recessed Lighting TrimHalo Recessed ELG405830WH 4-Inch 3000K LED Gimbal Trim / Light Engine, White


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