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Glidden Exterior Paint Color Chart

Glidden Paint Color Chart

The Glidden paint color chart is a very reliable tool that can help you make easier decision in choosing the suitable color palette combination for your room. Although the color chart is a very useful tool, there are still some things left to consider.
Statistics have shown that most people try 3-5 different color palettes before they are settled with the final color. This is an average number, but there are other people who try more than that. This is caused by the ‘fear’ of making the wrong choice. It’s understandable, because painting the whole room or house is a major work. We wouldn’t want to move the furniture, and basically redo the whole thing all over again, would we?

Glidden Interior Paint Color Chart
Glidden Interior Paint Color Chart

Painting a room is like an art creation process. The inspiration may come from anywhere, from home design sites like houzz, or perhaps searching for top color paint in Google. One of the best ways is by using online Glidden paint color chart that allows you to simulate the color. The Glidden tool even has recommendation for suitable secondary and accent color that matches your preferred color. But then again, not everything can go as smooth as the simulation goes.

Glidden Paint Color Chart- How to Choose

Here are some things you should consider before settling with the Glidden color paint of your choice:

  • Make sure your color suits the items in your room

ALWAYS consider furniture, rugs, flooring etc before choosing a color. This is an important consideration when you are planning to repaint your room. However, if you are just moved in and the room is free from furniture etc, you can choose the color that suits you the most.

  • Take paint samples

When you find it hard to look for the best color for your room, even after using the online Glidden paint color chart simulation, bring home some of the samples and compare the paint against a sofa or other furniture or flooring. Avoid comparing the samples to white walls, because the color could look darker and the end result may be too light.

Glidden Color Combinations
Glidden Color Combinations

  • Consider room or house plan

Here’s an easy rule: if your house has a lot of open floor, then you should match the color in that area. Stick to just one color with some accent. In most cases, white paint is the safest choice. However, I prefer a cool white rather than warm white.

  • Paint quality is important

A good paint should have a smooth glide ability and can stick in difficult surfaces, which makes painting process easy. Endurance is also a very important factor. Choose a paint that can be easily cleaned.

  • Always remember the composition rule.

The last thing you should consider is to use the color composition rule. To have a great room, you should consider everything from the wall paint, furniture, rugs, flooring etc to accessories. If you have a specific theme in mind, always remember that a good room decoration color palette composition should consist 60{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} of dominant color, 30{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} of secondary color, and 10{13718a6eb690cf967c81089f8ed113c61bdf57d500424e8fdacd496cab48ebf1} of accent color.
By considering all of this, you can use the Glidden paint color chart to its maximum potential.
Images: mommieswithcents.com, thepodanys.blogspot.com.


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