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Faux Finishes Painting Aged Painting

Faux Finish Ideas – Perfect to Improve Your Home Decoration

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The fourth idea is marbleizing, or to copy the pattern of veins in marble. We will get a beautiful pattern of veins in marble, complete with varied colors of them on our wall through paintbrush and the right paint selection. Columns, corbels, and other details in our home can be the object of this marbleizing.
The next idea is to make your home looks old. To bring this style in to your home, you can apply techniques from distressing, graining, and layering or sponging on various colors to make your walls looked old. Usually this technique is used to polish dining room and master bedroom. The old world style faux finish is great solution to those who want to have Tuscan or aged “patina” looks rooms.

Faux Finishes Painting Aged Painting

To make rooms look more luxurious with leather and suede faux finishing is the next in this article. What would cross into your mind when hear words leather and suede? Most of us would think about something that is beautiful and touchable. We can get the looks of leather and suede through faux finish without asking assistance from professional because many paint manufacturers have included the instruction to do the technique.
The next idea is rustic appearance through faux finish with using plaster. Plaster is not popular anymore. Now, the drywall has taken over the position as popular finish for interior. However, we still have a chance to bring the rustic looks of plaster back to live by using special primer paint and plaster faux finish.

Faux Finishes Painting Plaster Finish

The next faux finish idea is to bring the outdoors inside. Without a doubt, outdoor texture can give different touch to our interior design. We can enjoy this beauty without going outside of the home through faux finish. Create an atmosphere of bathing in river by retouching the bathroom with faux finish. Apply fiberglass on the wall, and paint it with colors resembling the color of river rock to complete the faux finish.

Faux Finishes Painting Exterior Colors

That is all the ideas of faux finishing for interior. One thing you should keep in mind, faux finishing is not only interior. We can also use this technique to complete the exterior design. There are some spaces of the home we can optimize with faux finishing. They are including patio, deck and terrace. Apply rustic plaster, adobe bricks, and seashells faux finish, and you will find out how those faux finishes improve the appearance of our outdoor decoration. Faux finish has the ability to make some ordinary things look better, or even special.
There are many faux finish techniques available in the market. We are free to choose which one of them that meets our taste and style. The positive aspect of this technique is we can combine one technique with the other. In the other words, we have limitless of option in faux finish techniques. To find the right finish, you can go to local home improvement store and check for the options there. You have the chance to make your home resembling something intriguing. So, what do you think? Whether you want to make your interior resembling the outdoor looks or the other way round or to make your new home looks old, every faux finish option is ready to make your plan comes reality. Use the faux finish to improve your home decoration.

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