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Girls Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Decoration for Girls

You are entering an exciting new life as college girls, and you have found a place to stay at the dorm. Most people think that living in a dorm equals to boring room, but you can avoid that by following our guide on dorm room decoration for girls!
Before you go berserk and decorate your room as you wish, you should always pay attention to your dorm regulation. Some dorms do not allow large flammable materials to be placed in the wall such as wallpaper etc, while some other allows it.

Dorm Decorating Ideas for Girls
Dorm Decorating Ideas for Girls

Dorm Room Decoration for Girls Options

The first place to decorate is the room door. There are two ways to do this. First is to cover the room door with printed wallpaper, while the second is to use washi tape and make some pattern yourself. One of the good examples of this pattern is diamond pattern. Be creative and don’t limit your design. Go Google some diamond shapes, and apply them with various and colorful washi tapes. Don’t forget to place a large hanging mirror at the back of your door to give your room a larger effect. However, beware of people slamming your door too hard. If you are worry that it might shatter, you can place the mirror elsewhere.
You should also focus on getting the best design for essential items in your room. The largest part of your room is the bed, so exert your inner style talent in picking the bedspread with the theme you have in mind. After that, just decorate other essential items like the mirror and desk with that theme in mind.

Girls Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Girls Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

With a small dorm room, once you get your things cluttered on the floor it makes everything look like a mess. Additional things needed are laundry baskets, over the door hangers, and everything else you can use to keep your floor clean. Remember to add little places where you can place your pen, etc.
Some nice decoration idea for girls room are using IKEA storage bin and modify it as a storage bench. Just ask the IKEA people to help you creating the bench by placing legs in the corner of the bin, and additional legs in the center of the bin for support.  After it is done, add some cushion on the top side and you have a beautiful and functional storage bench. Another idea is to use a standing lamp. This serves two purposes. First is to add a nice touch and additional light to the room, and the second is to have additional place to hang your purse. Nice, right?
Washi tapes with various patterns and colors are perfect to add accents in your dorm room. If you have shelves for your books, you can use washi tapes to make a nice accent to the shelves’ lines. You can also use the washi tapes to add a nice frame to your poster. Just be creative with the shape.
Dorm Room Bedding Sets for Girls
Dorm Room Bedding Sets for Girls

If you want to have a side table furniture next to your bed but doesn’t get approval from the dorm management, you can always made one yourselves. All you need is a wastebasket and a can of spray paint. Buy a cheap wastebasket, and then spray it based on your theme. After it is dry, flip it over and you have a gorgeous side table!
It takes quite an effort, but you won’t be disappointed with the overall result after you’re done with the dorm room decoration for girls.
Images: mabledesign.com, dormroomdecoratingideas.blogspot.com, latesthomedesign.com.


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