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There’s no mom that doesn’t like coupons. That is a fact and everyone knows that. As our technology advances and more and more people are connected to the internet, the number of online retailers and shops starting to sell their coupons online increase as well. This is certainly a good news for people who like to shop, but there’s some guidance you need to know before you purchase your online coupon.
First, the 48 hours rule.
Typically you need to transfer the payment for the coupon you’ve just bought during the first 24 hours, and then you need to confirm that you’ve transferred the money within the next 24 hours time frame. Therefore, if you don’t think you can transfer the money in today or tomorrow, you should just cancel it.
Second, the date
Date is the most important data of your coupon. You should ALWAYS take a note and write down the date when the coupon can be used. Most of the online coupons can’t be used right away. By writing down or keeping a reminder on your smartphone, you can use the coupon on the right time. Remember, after expiration date you won’t be able to use that coupon!
Mail or Email?
There are basically two types of coupons based on its delivery. First is the ones delivered using email. This type of coupon should always be printed when you’re planning to use it. We recommend you to print the coupon and then save it on your wallet. By showing your printed coupon, you help the store owners to manage their store’s financial flow book. The second type is the mail-delivered coupons. For this kind of coupon make sure you attach your correct address.
If you follow the tips above, we are sure that you can use the coupon effectively!


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