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Bedroom Storage Bench Ikea

A bedroom storage bench is a great idea for new houses, especially any family that has little children. IKEA is a great company that offers a lot of furniture; however, it seems that finding the bedroom storage bench IKEA can be quite a challenge.
We have been searching for IKEA-made bedroom storage bench because they are easy to assemble, and the price is definitely more appealing compared to the furniture that is made from real hardwood. Usually you have to spend at least $200 a bedroom bench made from real wood. In fact, some designer’s storage bench cost more than $800!

Bedroom Storage Benches IKEA
Bedroom Storage Benches IKEA

The Use
Although many people don’t consider bedroom bench, this kind of product is really handy. Have you ever put so many things on your bed, making it look like a mess? Well, I have and I didn’t like it. The bedroom storage can be a great way to lay out clothes you want to wear tomorrow, the place to put the blanket or pillows, etc. Of course, the main purpose still revolves in two aspects; which are providing extra seating and adding a nice touch to overall look of the bedroom.
The problem is that you can barely find any bedroom bench from IKEA, especially the bench that suits your current bed’s size. The main problem with IKEA furniture is that they have a fixed size, so you don’t get much room for customization. That is why we are going to teach you how to make a storage bedroom bench IKEA yourselves using IKEA cabinetry and some creative ideas.
IKEA Benches For Bedroom With Storage
IKEA Benches For Bedroom With Storage

Making the Storage Bedroom Bench
The first thing you should know is the size of the bench that you want. Make sure to do a little measurement and simulation on how big the bench should be. If your room is large, then this should not be a problem. However, you should look for a slim cabinetry for small room.
The second thing is to consider is whether legs are necessary or not. If structurally possible, you can skip the legs. However, this may cause difficulties while cleaning. If you decided to use legs, make sure to use lots of them.
Bedroom Benches Ikea Designs
Bedroom Benches Ikea Designs

IKEA does not recommend the use of cabinetry as a storage bench, because the wood is not made to support people’s weight distributed only on the edges. That is why you should place a lot of legs to spread the weight evenly. At the very least, put a leg in every outside point, and add a pair of legs in the middle of the cabinet. The more legs you install, the stronger it is. You can add custom cushion on the top of the bench. In our case, we made the custom cushion ourselves. It’s very cheap and the end result really suits our expectation.
Again, IKEA does not recommend this, and I recommend you to try to avoid using the bench with two big people at a time. In our house, we use the bedroom storage bench in our kids’ room. They don’t weight that much and they can use the storage to put the toys and their favorite books.
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